Oushennuo ceramics o2o new retail creates one-stop

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Oushennuo ceramics o2o new retail creates one-stop customized service

Oushennuo ceramics o2o new retail creates one-stop customized service

since Ma Yun put forward the saying "there is no e-commerce in the future, only new retail", the concept of new retail has been on the historical stage since then, and has continued to become a new outlet in the retail industry, such as coffee shopping, box horse fresh After a year of exploration in 2017, "new retail" was quickly pushed from concept to practice

new retail, new outlet

new retail, that is, enterprises rely on the Internet to upgrade and transform the production, circulation and sales process of goods by using advanced technical means such as big data and artificial intelligence, so as to reshape the business structure and ecosystem, and deeply integrate online services, offline experience and modern logistics

in recent years, with the development of the Internet, many e-commerce enterprise cultures have sprung up, and the physical retail industry has been greatly impacted. After several years of development, the disadvantages of pure e-commerce have slowly emerged, the dividends in the e-commerce field have gradually lost, and a "new retail system" covering physical stores, e-commerce, mobile terminals and social media has slowly emerged, which has become a good trend to solve the development problems of the retail industry

meet osheno ceramics and embrace new retail

osheno ceramics' new retail plan after 2017's practice, a real subversion of the traditional building materials sales model came strong, giving yourself a chance to become the helmsman of xinfengkou

new retail = channel upgrade + experience upgrade

channel upgrade: fully connect online and offline, share online traffic with offline new retail stores, and promote precision marketing

experience upgrading: by building an Internet technology platform, and comprehensively using vrhome, 3D cloud design, CRM, brick changing DIY and other tools, the consumer process of product sales and services can achieve efficient interaction between online and offline channels. With a variety of ceramic tile overall space virtual application scenarios as the core, a perfect digital ecological chain and scene based consumption experience from "virtual home" to "real home" have been established, It is creating a change in the business form of "new retail consumption mode of ceramic tiles"

from traditional offline stores to the rise of e-commerce, to today's new retail, the retail industry has been developing with the development of the times. Only by riding the sail of the times can we be uninhibited by the torrent of change. The new retail of osheno ceramics, the future has come

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