Wardrobe seconds bargain 3999 yuan, bangpai balote

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Juhui Lai bangpai Barot whole house customized Wanzhou store opens with a prize. It saves the most money. What are you waiting for

[I. theme of the event]

Juhui comes to visit bangpai balote whole house customized Huazhou store, opening award

opening the most economical, what are you waiting for

[II. Activity time] November 30 - December 14 (opening time: December 13)

activity address: No. 825, Beibin second section, Wanzhou District, Chongqing crystal Licheng ordering hotline: 023-58706662 18983371233

[III. activity content]

1. I'll send it when you come. Take the gift in the store for free

you can get a bond double thermos cup when you enter the store

2. The deposit is doubled, Le Fantian

customers can apply for a free experience card when entering the store, pre deposit 50 yuan for 500 yuan, and receive a double drive rotary mop worth 80 yuan.

3. Peak profit, affordable and visible

1000 yuan for products with a positive price of 3000 yuan

4. Secsha is waiting for this moment

(1) factory price huge offer wardrobe sliding door: 198 yuan/square meter, (you can enjoy it by specifying the sliding door cabinet) (limited to 10 sets)

(2) apple wood wardrobe is only sold for 3??? Yuan. The original price is 5999 yuan (limited to 10 sets)

(3) the overall blister cabinet + kitchen electric six piece set is only sold for 8??? Yuan, original price: 13999 yuan (limited to 10 sets)

5. You can take the super prize, and the Haoli lottery will not stop.

the event is scheduled to draw once when the world reaches 3000, and so on. (100% winning)

first prize: 50 inch brand color TV

second prize: washing machine

third prize: steam hanging ironing machine

lucky prize: cash red envelope + umbrella

6. Draw the grand prize for free, just waiting for you to draw

you can participate in the lucky draw with your experience card without shopping. Select a shoe cabinet (designated style)

7. Five free home customization experiences

free door-to-door measuring scale

free design scheme

free "try on" experience

free door-to-door installation

free lifelong maintenance

for details, please visit the official website of bangpai Barot home at www.bp-86 com ; www.baluote. com





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