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In the previous Beijing wooden door exhibition, Huiya information "wooden door world" had the honor to interview Mr. Liu Jie, general manager of Beijing Liming Wenyi Furniture Co., Ltd. (Tian'an wooden door/Xiaoni home accessories)

interviewee: Liu Jie, general manager of Beijing Liming Wenyi Furniture Co., Ltd. (Tian'an wooden door/Xiaoni home accessories)

wooden door world: Hello, Mr. Liu. What new products did your company bring to the Beijing exhibition

president Liu: our company attaches great importance to this Beijing wooden door exhibition and has made adequate preparations before coming. The products you see at the exhibition are all new products independently developed by our company. These new products are fashionable and simple, mainly for post-80s and post-90s consumer groups. Because at present, the post-80s and 90s have become the main consumers in the home furnishing industry. As long as they can attract their attention, they can seize the first opportunity in the market

wooden door world: under the current competition pattern of the door industry market, the development of enterprises is becoming more and more difficult. What is your future development plan

president Liu: due to the low threshold of the wooden door industry, many entrepreneurs have chosen this industry, which has caused the increasingly fierce competition in the wooden door industry. Although the threshold of wooden door industry is low, it also needs continuous innovation to become a well-known brand in the industry. This year, our company has stepped up innovation. You can see that our company's slogan is "home furnishing, one stop". It mainly means that we will extend from the wooden door industry to the overall household product chain, including the wooden door series, the overall cabinet series, and the cloakroom launched in this exhibition. We are committed to making customers have a whole house home experience and one-stop product chain experience

wooden door world: now dealers love diversified products. What are your plans in this regard

president Liu: the emergence of diversified products is indeed a general trend of development. It appears with the improvement of people's living standards and consumption ability. As far as our current development level is concerned, we will not consider the research and development of diversified products for the time being. Because in this way, there will be distractions, which may not guarantee the quality of our products. However, as our company grows slowly, this issue will also be included in our development plan. Because when we have diversified products, it will bring customers easy and convenient shopping methods and save their shopping time and cost. Customers love to see, we will benefit

wooden door world: now environmental protection has become a hot topic. What measures does your company have in this regard

president Liu: a series of environmental pollution problems have aroused people's attention to environmental protection. The wooden door industry also began to pay attention to this issue. Our company has also invested a lot of energy and money in this regard to ensure that the products we produce are environmentally friendly and beneficial to consumers





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