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Today, the wall fabric industry has entered a period of rapid development, but the majority of consumers' awareness of the wall fabric industry is still in the primary stage. The press group came to Ruyu Deshui on December 25 and conducted a one-day enterprise visit and comprehensive report on it

gongxiangzhao, North China Sales Director of ruyushui curtain

[reporter]: Hello, Mr. Gong, what are your main responsibilities in ruyushui

[Gong Xiangzhao]: my main responsibility is in sales and investment promotion, and more is to serve old dealers. For example, at present, we should say that the activities in North China are very good. We will formulate activity policies according to the demands of stores. Incidentally, we will do some work on investment promotion, because the company's action on investment promotion is very large this year, and the number of new dealers this year can reach more than 100, so we also spend part of our time in charge of investment promotion. For internal work, it is mainly echelon construction, because at present, our regional manager is responsible for about 15 stores, and the work is very saturated. Now we are considering better maintaining some sales of the old dealers, so we will also have some actions to help and guide internally

[reporter]: how about the sales situation in North China this year

[Gong Xiangzhao]: the sales of North China has always been the company's best momentum. At present, our proportion in the company is also the first. The sales of the whole North China account for more than 40% of the company. This year's compound growth rate reached about 40%, which did not meet the desired goal. Next year, we will make greater efforts in sales than this year

[reporter]: what are the sales goals of North China in 2019

[Gong Xiangzhao]: my expectation for North China should be a compound growth rate of more than 50% next year. Because the company has made great efforts to attract investment this year, there are many new stores. According to a trend of half a year, the sales momentum of new stores is relatively good, and the proportion is also very large. Therefore, our preliminary goal is to ensure a minimum growth of more than 50%

[reporter]: in view of the sales target for next year, what new actions will be taken in North China

[Gong Xiangzhao]: there are mainly two aspects. The first is that we will continue to strengthen linkage activities, which has been the advantage of North China. In January, we will hold a national dealer conference. During the normal spring festival, we will do after-sales and follow-up maintenance for regular customers. We will continue last year's activities in January. With the blessing of the activity area and the investment of stores and the company as a whole, I believe the effect will be very good this year. The second aspect is the linkage PK between our stores. This year, it has achieved certain results, but it has not achieved the expected results. Next year, we will change the way of linkage PK between stores. I believe that the growth rate of 50% next year is still very confident

[reporter]: Thank you very much for accepting our interview, and I look forward to your prosperous next year

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