Watch out for a wave of Avengers invading the kitc

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The film "Avengers 2" is setting off a strong visual storm. As an advocate of fashion home life, Han Li's cabinet also boldly has a Cosplay today, so that you can keep up with the trend and play the Avengers in the kitchen

Captain America

Captain America's red and blue collocation will also become a good color combination when used in the kitchen. The blue ground cabinet, high cabinet and red hanging cabinet form a clear contrast, highlighting the three-dimensional sense of space

iron man

the red of iron man adds a strong sense of motion and fashion to the kitchen. The flame red car paint like a sports car makes the kitchen operation like driving a precious sports car. Fiery heat, fiery life, red cabinet, witness your life is booming

black widow

the beautiful female agent in black makes people admire and daydream. Black is a color that never goes out of style. It is mysterious and arrogant. The simple and lively lines, coupled with the dynamic metal handle, outline a strong sense of science and technology, and there is no lack of affinity for the modern style. Han Li's black paint cabinet is the fashionable "equipment" of your kitchen. The dark cabinets full of a sense of future, such as the huge island like a science fiction spacecraft, are as calm and domineering as the son of Odin Raytheon. The reasonable collocation of colors and the clever use of lights make you feel like you are in a dreamy movie scene, and you are the absolute protagonist of this life drama


the invincible hawk who turned into a "Hulk" is a life form without investigation. Green represents vigorous vitality, enduring and enduring. The green cupboard full of spring atmosphere will let your home get rid of monotonous colors, put on the coat of spring, and make the kitchen life lively and more interesting

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