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China's construction machinery aerial work equipment industry analysis

China's construction machinery aerial work equipment industry analysis

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Guide: China's aerial work machinery production enterprises started in the 1970s, when there were only 7 or 8 enterprises, and now there are more than 100, which can basically meet the needs of large, medium and small aerial work machinery in the domestic market, and some products are exported. Although the domestic aerial work machinery has developed rapidly in recent years, the enterprise has

China's aerial work machinery manufacturing enterprises started in the 1970s. At that time, there were only 7 or 8 enterprises, and now there are more than 100. They can basically meet the needs of large, medium and small aerial work machinery in the domestic market, and some products are exported. Although the domestic aerial work machinery has developed rapidly in recent years, the development of enterprises is very uneven

10 years ago, the products of China's aerial work platforms were mainly scissors, sleeve oil cylinder and other products, and the displacement of products was mainly driven by hand. In recent years, with the development of national economy and urban construction, the domestic demand for high-altitude operation machinery and equipment has increased year by year, and new products of various specifications have increased rapidly

China's high-altitude operation machinery and equipment industry has developed rapidly, but there are also some problems worthy of attention. The main reason is that some enterprises have poor technological innovation ability. Some enterprises do not attach importance to product renewal and new product development. The product varieties and specifications are single, the market business scope is narrow, the output is declining year by year, and the enterprise benefits are poor. High altitude products and special products are still mainly imported, such as aerial insulated work vehicles, spider type high altitude work platforms, self-propelled high altitude work platforms, etc. there are still many gaps in domestic products

in addition, the supporting level of basic parts and components of domestic high-altitude operation machinery and equipment is poor, there are few manufacturers of basic parts and components, and there are few specifications and varieties. The performance and reliability of electrical components, hydraulic components and power components are not high, which also affects the development of domestic products

most domestic enterprises mainly produce independently during the test, with a low level of specialized production, backward technology and low labor productivity. There are many small workshop enterprises. For example, there are dozens of color enterprises in Jiangsu and other places, so they can use the company's color matching services to obtain color enterprises that fully meet the requirements of customers. These small enterprises produce plastic tensile testing machines that can be used to test rubber, film, textile, nylon, fiber, nano materials, high molecular materials, composite materials, packaging tapes, paper, wires and cables, stainless steel (and other high hardness steels), castings, auto parts Alloy materials and other non-metallic materials and metal materials have low amount, poor quality and low price of tensile, contraction, 180 peel, pull-out force, elongation and other experiments, which seriously impact and affect the normal market sales

aerial work machinery is a very large industry and also a very large industry. The 11th five year plan is still the golden period for the rapid development of China's aerial work machinery products. At present, the development of domestic aerial work machinery should focus on solving the following problems

(1) update of product standards. The product standard work is related to the technical progress and development of the industry, and is closely related to the economic interests and market interests of the enterprise. At present, the standard age of most high-altitude working machines in China is too long, the aging phenomenon is serious, and the standard content is old, especially in terms of product safety, environmental protection and other performance requirements, which seriously restricts the development of domestic product technology. As a result, many domestic high-altitude working machines have low technical level and grade, and can not meet the needs of current market development, let alone participate in the competition in the international market

(2) adjustment of product structure. At present, most of the aerial work platforms in China are still hand pushed, which are large in size and heavy in weight. It is very difficult to change the work site, which brings inconvenience to users. This point has long been updated in the products of foreign advanced countries. Therefore, the development of portable aluminum alloy platform and self-propelled platform has broad prospects

most domestic manufacturers of aerial work machinery concentrate their users in stations, subways, stores, factories, power supply, street lamps and other departments, but their markets are far from being excavated and cultivated. The reason is that the domestic products have a single variety, which has driven the development of the auto parts industry. The products still need to be updated in use and function. For example, aerial work machinery is used in building construction to replace some scaffold construction, decoration, cleaning and maintenance of building exterior wall surface; Insulation stringing and maintenance; Fire rescue and maintenance and inspection of large objects (ships and aircraft), but the development of the above products requires great breakthroughs in adaptability and technology

(3) the coexistence of product sales and leasing. Most domestic enterprises only pay attention to product sales in product development, ignoring the potential huge leasing market. In the past two years, domestic basket enterprises have been aware of this and have tasted the sweetness. Platforms and aerial vehicles have also begun to rise slowly. Most of the products produced by many famous foreign enterprises, such as JLG, Genin, upright in the United States and meizhuang company in Japan, are used for leasing. It should be said that the coexistence of product sales and leasing is a new development direction for enterprises in the high-altitude operation machinery industry in the future. As a leader in the production and sales of aerial work machinery, he must have a strategic vision to plan strategies, expand market space, and put product sales and leasing into the same development strategy of the enterprise

(4) corporate brand issues. In the future, the main form of international market competition will be brand competition. At present, the production and operation scale of most domestic enterprises is relatively small. There are many and scattered enterprises, which cannot form a fist. They can only repeat at a low level, lacking competitiveness, let alone brand competition. As a domestic high-altitude operation machinery manufacturer, it is necessary to plan the brand with a strategic vision, create high-quality products, and improve the quality of its products with a high starting point and high payment. At the same time, it is necessary to increase the awareness of international competition of the brand, and comprehensively improve the brand awareness from the aspects of the enterprise's organizational structure, management efficiency, marketing strategy and so on. Only in this way can our products be recognized by the international market and our enterprises be invincible in the market competition

(5) internationalization of products. Today's society is a society with rapid development of information technology, and no country or good enterprise can build a business behind closed doors. Therefore, it is an important work for enterprises to strengthen international cooperation and exchange and promote their products to the international market in the coming period. Although many products in the industry have made great progress in product performance and quality through digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technologies in recent years, many aerial work platforms and aerial work vehicles have been exported to the Middle East and Southeast Asia, and a small amount to Europe and the United States, but the number is too small. The leaders of the enterprise should seriously consider and plan the international market strategy from a strategic perspective

in a word, it is urgent to strengthen industrial technological innovation, develop advanced aerial work machinery and improve the market competitiveness of Chinese products. Only in this way can enterprises win the market and the industry develop better

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