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Analysis of digital printing market (Part 2)

2 When talking about the market of digital printing in China, insiders generally treat the domestic market and the markets of developed countries separately, but digital printing is an exception. Digital printing is like Internet technology. We all stand on the same starting line. The ancients can be seen in front of us and the newcomers can be seen later. Now digital printing in China has taken shape. For example, during the APEC meeting, more than 500000 documents were completed by a digital printing company in the basement of the conference center

China's entry into WTO is also another important driving force to promote the development of digital printing in China. First of all, the commercial printing business of multinational companies is bound to bring inestimable market share to digital printing; Secondly, intellectual property has been paid more and more attention. In anti-counterfeiting printing, there are many production demands for two-dimensional bar code printing, which will involve variable data printing; Thirdly, foreign digital printing enterprises want to open the Chinese market. The particularity of digital printing determines that they cannot simply output equipment, but should carry out technical cooperation with domestic manufacturers, and some core technologies will also enter China

like the last industry person in the international market, the application market of digital printing in China is also expanding day by day. Telecommunications, insurance, postal service, banking, political power and other industries have strong requirements for personalized printing and on-demand printing, but the universality is poor; In addition, a survey also shows that in the next few years, the short edition printing in China's book printing will account for 60% of the whole book printing, and the packaging and label design production system will also take the lead in adopting digital printing

III. Market Outlook for digital printing

for the problem of how many digital printing equipment are installed in the world, the figures reported by different research institutions and manufacturers are different, but there are two trends that are relatively unified: the growth rate of digital printing machines with variable graphics and text is faster than that of digital printing equipment with fixed graphics and text; The installation of digital printing machines will increase at a rate of% every year, and the prospect of digital printing is good

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