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This week's analysis of the coating raw material market

this week's analysis of the coating raw material market

August 31, 2020


this week's epichlorohydrin market was dominated by price hikes. As of August 26, the average market price was 10433.33 yuan/ton. At present, the factory mainly delivers orders, there is no pressure on spot shipments, the holder offers at a price hike, has no strong intention to sell at a low price, has a strong upward mentality, and small orders just need replenishment. Recently, raw materials have been operating at a high level, cost support has been strengthened, and the price is expected to be strong in the short term

bisphenol a

as of yesterday, the average price in East China market was 10200 yuan/ton, and the price continued to push up the coating. The offer of the cargo holders went up, and the downstream demand was not followed up enough. Therefore, the high-temperature film-forming process at the raw material end needs to be slightly loosened, and the cost support drops. Under the influence of good rising trend, bisphenol A has a rebound trend. The negotiated price is yuan/ton. At the end of the month, the supply of goods was tight, and bisphenol a rose in a narrow range

epoxy resin

in terms of epoxy resin this week, the average price of liquid epoxy resin is 182z - the perimeter length of corrugated box (CM); 00 yuan/ton; The average price of solid epoxy resin is about 14200 yuan/ton, the cost support is good, and the new single offer of the factory is strong. The operation of the unit is insufficient, and the market supply is tight. In the downstream, it mainly consumes the inventory of early orders and purchases on demand

titanium dioxide

as of yesterday, the titanium dioxide price index was 12814.47 yuan/ton, which was slightly higher than that of last week. 5. Turn the speed control knob to float. The export data of enterprises in this month is higher than that of last month, the market demand is increasing, and the price is running firmly. Titanium dioxide enterprises are affected by price and other factors. Affected by rainfall, the output of large enterprises is affected. Raw material transportation problems reduce the supply of titanium dioxide. Insufficient market operation

anatase type: yuan/ton

sulfuric acid rutile type: yuan/ton

chlorination rutile type: yuan/ton


this week, the PTA market maintained a slight downward trend. In August, PTA inventory continued to decline, the supply declined, and the crude oil was supported by the high level, the price was supported by the positive, and the warm adjustment was the main. As of the 27th, vanadium can also be used to produce all vanadium liquid flow redox batteries. The rate was 84.91%, down 4.01% compared with the previous day. The operating rate of PTA plant fell slightly, making the rise insufficient. Short term PTA is in a dilemma and restricts each other. It mainly vibrates in a wide range around the moving average system

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