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Ethylene glycol diethylene glycol this week's chemical market analysis and forecast for next week

1. International market

ethylene glycol: the downstream market is bleak. With the rapid decline of PTA prices of related products, the spot price this week fell by $40/ton to $840/ton (CFR China's main port, equivalent to RMB 8484/ton)

diethylene glycol: affected by the decline of styrene price and the sluggish Chinese market, the spot price of diethylene glycol fell by US $30/ton to US $870/ton this week (CFR China main port, equivalent to RMB 8787/ton to exhaust the air)

2. Domestic market

cover the computer, industrial control box and printer with cloth to prevent dust and water (1) one week's market analysis

ethylene glycol: affected by the decline of external market and the decline of downstream PTA market demand, the market atmosphere of ethylene glycol in East and South China this week weakened, the price dropped by 200 yuan/ton, and there were limited transactions in yuan/ton (East China) and yuan/ton (South China)

diethylene glycol: driven by the rebound of styrene market, the market price of diethylene glycol in East China unexpectedly rose by 400 yuan/ton at the beginning of this week. In yuan/ton (East China), in the middle and late stage, with the sharp drop in the price of crude oil and external market and the impact of weak downstream demand, the market in East China recovered, and the price reversed by 200 yuan/ton, at yuan/ton; South China is relatively stable due to limited demand, and the price changes little, at RMB/ton

(2) market forecast for next week:

ethylene glycol market CES plastic market economic analyst billwood said that the diethylene glycol Market: affected by the abundant supply of resources and the cooling down of downstream demand, it is mainly due to the strong mentality of traders to sell goods at low prices, the serious inversion between domestic market prices and market manufacturers' prices, as well as the strengthening bearish momentum of traders and downstream manufacturers, and there is still room for the market prices of ethylene glycol and diethylene glycol to fall slightly, Considering that the former needs to check the market decline slowly. Therefore, the trend of next week: it oscillates slightly on the basis of this week's price

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