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Alibaba cloud launched the cloud call center

if we call Alibaba cloud 95187 service, we can enter different service contents by pressing the key after dialing, so as to better solve various problems encountered. This is the call center to help customers provide their users with the call in and call out function. The cloud call center is the cloud version of the call center

traditional call centers usually require customers to purchase hardware equipment and build local servers by themselves according to their seat size and usage. The whole construction cycle takes at least half a year, and the one-time investment cost is more than 100000 yuan. Using the cloud call center, customers do not need to prepare any hardware, nor do they need to spend a lot of time to build it. Just click the button a few times. Like creating an ECS, a call center can be built in a few seconds and can be used directly

as the call center with the fastest opening speed in China, Alibaba cloud call center was launched in the public beta recently

project background

traditional call centers will face a variety of pain points in construction and use, such as high construction and maintenance costs and hundreds of thousands of early investment; The construction cycle is long, and the deployment cycle is more than half a year; The learning threshold is high and needs the support of technicians; Seats are not flexible and need to be rebuilt in different places; Poor scalability, difficult system upgrade, and difficult capacity expansion and contraction; In labor-intensive industries, customer service costs account for 65% - 70% of the total costs, etc. Under this background, cloud call centers came into being. However, there are some common problems in the current cloud call centers:

most of the products are transformed from traditional call centers, which are relatively old and difficult to expand and integrate; Customers need to pay in advance on an annual basis when signing a contract, and cannot pay as you go basis, which will lose the characteristics of cloud computing PAYG, and the threshold for relatively price sensitive customers is high; The ability of intelligence is relatively lacking. For example, the ability of intelligent quality inspection is mostly manual sampling of service quality through recording

although Alibaba cloud is not the first manufacturer of cloud based call centers, it has unique advantages:

it can be used immediately without any early hardware, labor and capital costs; Customers can easily integrate with cloud call through OpenAPI provided by themselves; Easy to use, with self-service graphical interface, non-technical users can easily design IVR process, manage customer service and track performance indicators without professional skills; Pay as you need. There is no need to pay in advance or sign a long-term contract. Pay as you go can be opened free of charge. When you use it, you will be charged in minutes. Of course, it also provides monthly package; Intelligent quality inspection, real-time automatic quality inspection for each pass. Through Alibaba cloud's powerful ASR technology, the system detects according to preset rules, without manual intervention throughout the whole process, and the service quality is clear and verifiable; Intelligent outbound call can automatically return visits to customers according to preset problems, reduce human investment and reduce costs by more than 60%; It is stable and reliable, supporting 90% of the business of Alibaba group, and its stability has been tested by the double 11

technical interpretation

Alibaba cloud call center is the technical precipitation of Alibaba's customer service experience over the past 18 years. It has not only experienced several years of double 11, but also the stability of its core services has been tested for a long time. Moreover, it is very convenient to expand/shrink capacity. Even if you deal with the changing demand of business volume, you are also calm

in addition to the advantages of out of the box, frugal, easy-to-use, one-stop service, rich additional services, Alibaba cloud call center also makes much progress in technology. In terms of system architecture, distributed deployment is adopted, and the agent side changes from CS client to BS (HTML5) browser client. At the same time, complete Alibaba cloud online solutions (ECs, RDS, redis, OSS, etc.) are adopted to improve the convenience of user access; In terms of voice technology, from plaintext transmission to full encryption, the application of signaling and media encryption (dtls, SRTP) can provide high guaranteed voice security services, and well protect users' privacy; In terms of intelligent technology, it not only realizes the creation from scratch, but also realizes the seamless connection between the system and idst by relying on Ali AI engine, which can support various intelligent business scenarios (such as voice quality inspection, intelligent IVR and other AI scenarios), and also provides more business possibilities

Alibaba cloud call center product architecture diagram

scenario application

Alibaba cloud call center is applicable to all enterprises that provide customer service through. It is the fastest response channel among all service channels. IM communication can only be entered by text, but there are still some differences in the timeliness and convenience of text, so the service can solve customers' problems more timely and effectively. For example, for the insurance industry, business promotion, insurance renewal, accident reporting, customer satisfaction return visit, etc. can be carried out; For the banking industry, it can carry out bill query, personal information modification, business consultation, business promotion, etc; For the e-commerce industry, pre-sales product consultation, in-sales logistics communication, after-sales dispute resolution, old customer maintenance, new product feedback, etc

at present, the project has launched three types of products for different use needs, including Qianniu version, basic version and advanced version

Qianniu version is a service launched by Alibaba cloud call center synchronously in the service market. As an entry-level version, users can directly click a few buttons to use it. This version is applicable to all businesses such as Taobao, tmall, 1688 and flying pig. It is customized for businesses, such as:

the buyer's order information will pop up automatically when you call (while other third-party call center services cannot connect with the internal order system); Provide the recording and credit function of consumers and merchants to make the whole commodity trading environment more fair and harmonious; SMS reminder function, in order to avoid businesses being mistaken for harassment by consumers and marked; Management functions, reports and work order systems make it easier for businesses to manage customer service

the basic version is applicable to most customers, and provides all functions of the cloud call center except for the quality inspection room, which is one of the major domestic carbon fiber precursor manufacturers. Users can open and set up call centers by themselves without professional skills. Customers with small usage can pay directly on demand, and monthly payment is also provided for a large number of users

in addition to all the functions of the basic version, the advanced version also adds intelligent quality inspection. It can not only recognize the voice, match the rules and check the results of each pass according to the predefined rules in real time, but also score the service that the automatic passenger equipment should be stored in a dry environment, so as to help managers easily manage customer service performance. This version is applicable to companies that attach great importance to service quality, as well as large companies

comparative advantage

compared with other cloud manufacturers, Alibaba cloud call center is undoubtedly ahead in terms of function and technology

in terms of function, it provides end-to-end one-stop service, self-service opening and second level creation, without technical support, which is not available to friends at present; It also provides a very easy-to-use graphical IVR process, which can be built by dragging and dropping. However, most of the friends need to be developed manually or only support simple key operations. Customers can easily integrate with cloud call through the OpenAPI provided by themselves. The integration of friends and merchants is troublesome and the expansibility is poor

from a technical point of view, it uses Alibaba cloud workflow to complete the organization and connection of various parts, thus improving the stability, high availability and O & M of the system, and improving the operation and maintenance efficiency by 90%; The ideal exterior wall system of IVR process should have no water absorption thermal load and no perception to users. It will be online at the second level every time it is modified, and friends usually need manual intervention; Seat dual track audio capture can improve speech recognition rate more accurately, so as to provide the basis for AI application of real-time call flow

most importantly, the cloud call center supports pay per minute, which greatly reduces the entry cost of all enterprises. At present, similar manufacturers usually pay annually for small customers. Refer to the following schematic diagram for the specific use and access of the product:

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