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Alibaba cloud is willing to provide security and public welfare screening support for medical institutions.

in the ninth episode of the latest fourteenth season of Grey's intern, grey Sloan Memorial Hospital was invaded by hackers. If the specimen broke, the experimental force exceeded the limit, the number of experiments reached the set value, and the lubrication system was abnormal, the hospital was asked to pay a huge amount of bitcoin, otherwise all kinds of systems in the hospital were hacked and could not be used

unexpectedly, a similar thing happened in China in the twinkling of an eye. Recently, some media reported that hospital systems in Hunan and Shanghai were invaded, and hackers asked to pay bitcoin to return to normal

On March 1, Alibaba cloud launched a public welfare action to provide security screening and strategic suggestions to medical institutions across the country

Xiao Li, general manager of Alibaba cloud security business department, said:

blackmail software is difficult to predict its goals in advance. And unlike previous virus attacks, the object of extortion software is not computer systems, devices, but data. Once the data is encrypted, it is difficult for security companies all over the world to decrypt it. Therefore, defense in advance is the best way to deal with hackers. Our safety engineers were very distressed to see this, and spontaneously organized a small team, willing to use their own years of defense experience to help medical institutions nip in the bud

why is the hospital recruited

in recent years, with the strengthening of hospital information construction, the information security of hospitals has also become the focus of the industry. There are three major misunderstandings in the construction of hospital information security in China:

mistakenly believing that the hospital network is usually isolated, and there will be no security problems, so we do not pay attention to security construction

the safety construction idea of treating head pain and foot pain, where there is a problem, it pays no attention to systematization and defense in depth

engaged in safety construction with a static concept, bought a pile of box equipment, but did not pay attention to safe operation. As a result, the protection ability of the hospital's information system is weak, and the staff of medical institutions have weak awareness of network security, so it is easy to become the object of blackmail attacks by hackers

misunderstandings in safety awareness, unsystematic construction and nonstandard management have brought great risks to hospital business and management

the paralysis of information system will also cause huge losses to hospitals and patients, and even endanger the life safety of patients. Medical records, data, patient information and appointment information in hospitals are all information that needs to be used urgently. After being encrypted, they are bound to try their best to recover the data as quickly as possible, which also makes medical information one of the main targets of hackers in recent years

how harmful will blackmail viruses be

ransomware is a kind of malware. Hackers usually try to implant such software into the system of the victim organization or enterprise, encrypt the data assets of such users, including documents, emails, databases, source code, pictures, compressed files and other files, and then ask for ransom

victims generally cannot recover files without a private key. If you need to recover important information, you can only be forced to pay ransom

when the wannacry outbreak broke out last year, the British National Health Service (NHS) system had become a disaster area, 48 of its 248 medical institutions were attacked, the normal treatment activities of many hospitals were affected, and some patients were forced to transfer

Xiao Li believes that the anonymity and price of virtual currency continue to rise, which increases the difficulty of tracking, and makes more hackers willing to take risks. The variant blackmail software will continue to exist for a long time, and there will be more and more attacks

at present, Alibaba cloud helps 40% of China (mainland) every day. The existence of these problems makes China's plastic machinery industry unable to meet foreign plastic machinery level stations as soon as possible to successfully resist 1.6 billion attacks and 2000 DDoS attacks every day. In 2017, we helped users fix 6.13 million vulnerabilities

because of this accumulation of experience, we look at this matter not only to analyze and deal with these extortion viruses, or boil down to a single security vulnerability problem, but also to the security architecture and security governance of traditional enterprises in the digital transformation. Today may be hospitals, tomorrow may be other industries that affect people's clothing, food, housing and transportation, Xiao Li said

Alibaba cloud is willing to provide support for security and public welfare screening for medical institutions

in the information age, technology changes and overlaps, and changes very quickly. A blackmail virus may change in 24 hours, which you can't imagine, or the time will be shorter. Maybe today's thing is because of this virus, and the next time it may be an unknown threat brought by another virus or other system vulnerabilities, but its ultimate persecution is similar

Alibaba cloud launched an enterprise blackmail prevention solution as early as may 2017, from reliable data backup, strong security protection, perfect vulnerability management and comprehensive 7 Please read the instructions carefully to prevent the harm of blackmail software in four aspects of safety monitoring

after seeing the report on, the engineers of Alibaba cloud security team were very angry about the hacker's behavior. Extortion software is difficult to predict goals in advance. To reduce or avoid network threats as much as possible, we need to make early preparations in the security layout and take preventive measures

Xiao Libiao's use of continuous exposure to extreme heat shows that institutions in need of cloud security screening are welcome to apply for Alibaba cloud security industry assistance plan (). After reviewing and evaluating, we will provide free security testing, technical consulting and other services

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