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Breaking through the obstruction of the United States, Alibaba finally won the European payment giant

the British cross-border payment giant worldfirst officially issued a statement to the world that the company has completed the ownership change and will officially become a wholly-owned subsidiary of ant financial services group in the future

who is worldfirst

worldfirst was founded in 2004. Its businesses include international remittance, foreign exchange option trading, international e-commerce platform collection and foreign exchange settlement, etc

so far, worldfirst has more than 600 employees and more than 80000 active customers, with an annual transaction volume of more than 10billion pounds. It is one of the top cross-border payment giants in the UK

Once the news of the acquisition was announced, the whole UK and even Europe were shocked overnight. A large number of media around the world, especially European media, have made headlines on the front page to urgently report this transnational shocking event

one is the world's largest e-commerce group, and the other is the UK's leading cross-border payment super giant. Such a powerful combination and major acquisition will undoubtedly have unimaginable terrorist forces on the entire Sino European trade and economy

According to foreign media reports, Ma Yun's plan to acquire worldfirst had been successful as early as a few months ago, but it almost collapsed due to the intervention of the United States

during the negotiation between the Chinese and British giants on the acquisition, the Committee on foreign investment of the United States, citing concerns that Chinese companies have personal financial data of American citizens, forcibly intervened in this transaction several times and refused to agree that the British multinational payment giant was acquired by Chinese enterprises

the US side said that worldfirst's business covers dozens of countries in Europe, as well as the United States and other developed countries. We have a lot of financial data of American people. If it is acquired by Chinese enterprises, it may cause the financial data leakage of American citizens

have similar means ever been used? Americans want Chinese enterprises to relive the humiliation of 2017

in 2017, in order to expand the global market of Alipay and enter the U.S. market, Jack Ma invested $1.2 billion to acquire suhuijin, a U.S. cross-border payment giant. At that time, both shareholders had signed contracts. However, what was the final outcome

in the end, both sides were directly suspended by the U.S. government. The US side directly tore up the contract and gave a sentence: it is worried that the acquisition may "damage the national security of the United States"

not only that, in the end, the United States also imposed a huge fine of up to $30million on on Alibaba. This matter caused a frenzied Crusade by major media around the world in 2017. Even Xinhua news agency directly issued English comments condemning the United States for its obstinacy

averted danger and fought back with astonishment

Ma Yun, who had suffered a great loss, had long expected such a day. Facing the difficulties of the United States, worldfirst, a British cross-border payment giant, made a major decision to close all U.S. businesses directly to get the features you need

the impact of this kind of friction will break your wrist and your left arm. Since you are worried about the financial data leakage of American customers, I will take the initiative to give up all American businesses, close them directly, and completely abandon the American market

give up the common problems and solutions of the all-round friction and wear testing machine in detail, and win the whole Europe. At this moment, I have to praise Ma Yun's great wisdom. Ma Yun's skill is directly amazing

it is precisely that where there is a will, there is a way, and the hundred and two Qinguan pass eventually belongs to Chu; If you work hard, you will be able to bear the burden of heaven. You can swallow Wu with 3000 Vietnamese armor

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