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Twenty percent of manufacturers spent 250000 dollars more on downtime losses due to lubrication errors

twenty percent of manufacturers spent 250000 dollars more on downtime losses due to lubrication errors

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twenty percent of manufacturers spent 250000 dollars more on downtime losses due to lubrication errors. Enterprises put packaging materials and packaged products into the market

shell lubricant research shows that, Manufacturers can improve productivity and reduce costs through effective lubrication

a global survey conducted by Shell lubricants shows that manufacturers underestimate the potential for cost reduction and efficiency gains of equipment brought about by effective lubrication. Many manufacturing enterprises do not realize that an efficient lubrication process can significantly affect key factors such as enterprise productivity and profitability, including equipment reliability and downtime. In the past five years, Zhou Hongfu, an associate professor at Beijing business and Technology University, shell lubrication with dust ring oil has saved us $139million for customers around the world

the surveyed manufacturing enterprises estimated that 70% of their unplanned equipment downtime in the past three years was caused by lubricant selection or management errors. When manufacturers are committed to improving productivity to enhance competitiveness and achieve growth, the wrong choice or management of lubricants will have an economic impact. One fifth (20%) of the surveyed enterprises estimate that the cost of these downtime is more than 250000 dollars

Yin Jie, global general manufacturing market manager of Shell lubricants, said: "the impact of lubrication on productivity and maintenance costs is usually underestimated. We work with customers to help improve equipment productivity and reduce operating costs by accurately meeting their equipment lubrication needs. This is not only about choosing the right lubricant, but also about ensuring the effective use and management of lubricants."

an international survey of manufacturing enterprises in 8 countries including China, Brazil and Canada commissioned by Shell lubricants shows that manufacturing enterprises lack understanding of how effective lubrication affects equipment productivity and total cost of ownership (TCO). Among the 493 employees in the manufacturing industry who were involved in purchasing, influencing the purchase or use of lubricants/greases, more than half (57%) of the surveyed manufacturing enterprises admitted that they were not aware that lubrication management could affect unplanned downtime, while 46% of the surveyed enterprises did not believe that lubrication could help reduce maintenance costs

due to the lack of professional knowledge in lubrication, only 34% of manufacturing enterprises can effectively use the technicians provided by their lubricant suppliers to provide regular door-to-door services, while most manufacturing enterprises are not ready to take action. Only 42% of the manufacturing enterprises have fully implemented the correct procedures to efficiently manage lubricants, while 63% of the enterprises said that they did not regularly train their employees on lubricants as they should

Yin Jie added that only 46% of manufacturing enterprises believe that product performance is a very important consideration when choosing lubricating oil, "this is surprising. A high-quality lubricating oil that can remove equipment deposits and provide effective wear protection can help prolong the service life of equipment, reduce the frequency of failures, and help manufacturing enterprises significantly reduce spare parts and maintenance costs."

most manufacturing enterprises (59%) have realized that effective lubricant selection and management can help reduce costs, but they underestimate the space for savings. In fact, if the project fails, the potential of lubrication savings of manufacturing enterprises can be increased by up to 30%. Sino French Water Development Co., Ltd. is a company providing water treatment services in China. Recently, it purchased 30 equipment, including secondary sedimentation tank sludge scraper, concrete mixer, sludge dewatering equipment and submersible mixer. After 900 hours of 24-hour all-weather operation of the equipment, unplanned shutdown was caused by overheating of transmission oil. After the shell lubricant technical experts checked the equipment and found the reason for the overheating of the oil temperature, they recommended flushing all gearboxes, replacing the gear oil with shell pressure resistant S4 GX 460 that met the OEM recommendations, and providing follow-up support through shell lubeanalyst service, regularly taking oil samples and testing oil samples at the customer's site. Six months later, the equipment still operated smoothly without unplanned downtime. The company saved $106787 by improving lubrication management and upgrading gear oil

continuous development of technology, changing customer needs and increasingly stringent regulations are driving the global manufacturing market to seek transformation. Shell lubricants believes that lubrication can create significant commercial value

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