The world's first eight axle xca1200 all ground cr

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XCMG's world's first eight axle xca1200 all terrain crane has settled in Hebei

XCMG's world's first eight axle xca1200 all terrain crane has settled in Hebei

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in recent days, the topic of high temperature weather has been brushed on the screen, "heat" has become a hot topic in the streets. In the field of hoisting, an industry event as eye-catching as the hot weather has just come to an end

Xu this series printer is a kind of miniature printer. Wang Min, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of the group, delivered the xca1200 golden key to the users.

on July 10, hundreds of masters from the national wind power hoisting field gathered together to witness the handover ceremony of the world's first eight axle thousand ton all terrain crane. Wang Min, chairman and party secretary of XCMG group, attended the meeting in person and delivered the xca1200 gold key to the users. In addition, a good and stable academic atmosphere will be built. XCMG's "g builds your success" national key customer conference in the wind power field, XCMG's g generation regional new product promotion meeting, and the "g-energy" XCMG hoisting machinery division hoisting expert annual skill challenge (Shijiazhuang station) will also be held at the same time

first in the industry: XCMG eight axle kiloton class directly points to the peak of the industry

the xca1200 all terrain crane delivered this time is the peak work built on the G technology platform. From the beginning of the design, xca1200 has absorbed a large number of thousand ton wind power construction status data and development demand trends, and has 12 "generation g" original technologies, such as fully closed hydraulic system, intelligent boom, new single cylinder bolt, generation g appearance modeling, human-computer interaction system, etc

XCMG's world's first eight axis xca1200 all terrain crane

eight section single cylinder bolt telescopic boom, made of ultra-high strength steel, has the ability to install about 2.5 MW of wind power. At the same time, xca1200 can be changed into general-purpose model and wind power model through module combination, and users can choose fixed jib and tower arm. With XCMG's mature super lift combined boom technology, the deformation of the crane boom can be effectively reduced, and the lifting performance and safety performance of the whole machine can be greatly improved

in addition, the subversive design of xca1200 all terrain crane lies in the optimization of chassis, and the eight axle chassis can realize all wheel steering. The key of chassis technology is the design of hydro pneumatic suspension system and multi axle steering system, both of which are unique technologies of all terrain cranes

Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group said, "this is a powerful competitive force that the world's established lifting equipment manufacturers really feel, and it also supports XCMG to become a new leader in the 'dance on the spire' in the field of super lifting equipment in the world."

the world's first eight axis xca1200 all terrain crane delivered this time is another milestone in China's innovation and breakthrough of super lifting equipment. It is truly a global original in technology, with 12 core patents owned by it, and can adapt to the challenges of the most demanding wind power construction environment

seizing the opportunity, XCMG spared no effort to provide users with the best tool for career development

as an important emerging energy industry, the wind power industry has received key support from the national level in recent years, the industrial scale has developed rapidly, and has gradually grown into a more mature industry. During the "12th Five Year Plan" period, China's new installed capacity of wind power has led the world for five consecutive years, with a cumulative increase of 98 million KW, accounting for 18% of the total new installed capacity in the country in the same period, and its proportion in the energy structure has increased year by year. Wind power has become the third largest power source in China after coal power and hydropower

compared with the resource oriented development model in the past, the 13th five year plan has greatly adjusted the layout of wind power construction, and appropriately adjusted the main battlefield of wind power development from the "Three North" areas to the Middle East and south areas with good consumption capacity. Among them, Hebei, Yunnan and Henan are the top three regions with planned new installed capacity during the 13th Five Year Plan period, with 7.43 million KW, 5.62 million KW and 5.01 million KW respectively. The market generally predicts that during the "13th five year plan" period, the newly installed capacity of wind power will be more than 80million kW. According to the calculation of 7800 yuan/kW of onshore wind power investment, the total investment in wind power construction during the "13th five year plan" period will reach more than 700billion yuan

the field of wind power construction in China is in the "golden period" of rapid development. How to support the transition of China's wind power installation technology to specialization and maturity, and the lack of innovation ability of domestic testing equipment is a new topic, new opportunity, and new challenge faced by construction machinery enterprises

Zhang Hanxu, deputy general manager of XCMG hoisting machinery division, said at the meeting that the new installed capacity with an average annual growth of nearly 15million kW in the future means a broad market demand for wind power hoisting. XCMG hopes to seize this trend and take the lead in providing industry users with the best tool for career development

jointly hold the bull's ear. XCMG and its customers jointly build a new energy hoisting ecological cloud platform

another eye-catching event in this event was the launch of the crowdfunding plan of "new energy hoisting ecological cloud platform", which attracted the enthusiastic attention and strong response of the hoisting enterprise masters present. In this regard, Mr. Song, a Beijing customer, said that the crowdfunding plan of "new energy hoisting ecological cloud platform" will be of great help to small and medium-sized enterprises. Enterprise users can use app software to solve daily technical and operational problems (such as fees, transfer fees, etc.), as well as regional policy recommendations and reminders. He hopes that through the app client, more users can participate. Let's make a group policy t=[l-l0*100]/l0, where: t is elongation at break or elongation at yield; L is the distance between the marks when the sample breaks or yields; L0 is the distance between the markings

"new energy hoisting ecological cloud platform" crowdfunding plan launched

manager Li from Shanxi said that after the "new energy hoisting ecological cloud platform" is launched, information can be collected across the country, which will bring convenience to large, medium and small enterprises. He believes that the cloud platform will have two major advantages in the future: first, the hoisting information will be released in a timely manner, which can be seen all over the country. Second, for enterprises, the types of business will be more and more extensive. Through this cloud platform, enterprises can find a variety of different needs and get more informed

XCMG customized wind power hoisting project management training and hoisting equipment selection suggestion meeting

the holding of this handover meeting is a new milestone for XCMG and industry users. In the face of the big wave and environment of market economy, XCMG has been using its actions to continuously transmit confidence and strong positive energy to the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and global users

group photo

Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, encouraged front-line employees: "a word from customers is better than a thousand words from us. We should make products, services and foundations solid."

XCMG's large tonnage all terrain crane has achieved a double leap in tonnage and technology, creating a new situation for wheeled cranes to serve the construction of wind power. Due to the progress of large tonnage all terrain cranes in the wind power hoisting industry, the efficient and low-cost installation of large-scale wind power hoisting has been realized, the technological progress of the wind power industry has been promoted, the construction of wind farms has developed from centralization to decentralization, and the utilization efficiency of wind resources in China has been improved

XCMG's world's first eight axle xca1200 all terrain crane settled in Hebei

at the same time, the smooth delivery of the world's first eight axle xca1200 all terrain crane also shows the transformation of China's large tonnage all terrain crane from weak to strong, supporting the all terrain crane to break the foreign monopoly and go global. In the future, how XCMG will work with downstream customers to create a new hoisting pattern is worthy of our expectation! (this article is from XCMG)

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