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Alibaba cloud has decided to start the "cloud + end" strategy and Amazon's "cloud computing" war between China and the United States

with Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma sending a letter to establish the cloud + end strategy, Alibaba and Amazon, the world's largest e-commerce companies, have finally come close to each other in the still unpopular cloud computing industry

on the one hand, Amazon AWS, which officially announced its entry into China not long ago, is developing and operating applications for the first batch of Chinese customers using AWS services in China; On the other hand, Ma Yun and his think tanks did not continue to struggle for the gains and losses of the mobile terminal. From today's situation, even if the wireless client is booming, we should still vigorously invest in the cloud. Cloud +app will be the key to the future mobile Internet, and the exciting end market has just begun

in just a week, Alibaba announced three cooperation related to cloud computing: on February 24, Alibaba cloud allied with Neusoft group, the largest IT service provider in China, to jointly expand the cloud service market; On February 27, Alibaba cooperated with Hainan to invest in the construction of future cities; On March 1, Ma Yunfei went to Guizhou to preach big data and carry out cooperation in relevant aspects

the battle of Baidu and Google search, the battle of Taobao and eBay e-commerce, the battle of MSN instant messaging, and the first three disputes between China and the United States over Internet, although the process is different, finally ended with the withdrawal of the United States from the Chinese market, thus establishing the status of bat's three giants in the Jianghu. Ten years later, the flames of war flared again, and the fourth Sino US dispute over Internet broke out

at the technical level, there are two things worth paying attention to: in July 2013, Alibaba completed the IOE removal for more than three years, no longer using IBM minicomputers, Oracle databases and EMC storage devices, and completely using cheap PCs to form a supercomputer cluster; In October, 2013, Alibaba's independently developed Feitian 5K plan was completed, with a single cluster server scale of 5000 and a 100TB sorting can be completed in 30 minutes, far exceeding the 71 minute world record set by Yahoo in July last year

for Amazon, AWS was launched in 2006 to provide IT infrastructure services to enterprises in the form of Web services. Over the years, it has become the leader in the global cloud computing service field. On December 18, 2013, Amazon AWS announced its entry into China, which is the tenth region in which AWS services have entered the world

the process of Amazon AWS entering China is actually quite tortuous. As early as the end of 2008, Amazon had sent people to China to investigate the Chinese market. Four years later, the AWS Chinese station was launched, and a year later, Amazon announced that AWS officially entered China: on the one hand, it cooperated with the broadband capital led by Tian Suning, and with the local governments of Beijing and Ningxia to put the data center in Ningxia and the operation center in Beijing; On the other hand, it has cooperated with halo Xinsu technology to provide Amazon with necessary Internet data center services and Internet access, which has greatly improved access services. However, this approach has the unique embarrassment of foreign enterprises entering China: If enterprises want to use AWS in mainland China, they need to sign three contracts with Beijing, Ningxia and broadband capital respectively, and there is no unified connector

at present, the confrontation in China's cloud computing market is imminent. After Amazon AWS announced its entry into China, Alibaba cloud made three moves: reduce the price of its products by about 30%, invest 100million yuan to cultivate ecological partners, and plan to expand cloud computing to overseas markets this year. Some insiders compared the advantages and disadvantages of the two from the aspects of price, technical performance and product service

the biggest advantage of cloud computing over traditional it is to reduce costs, and price is an important consideration. Take the price of the most basic virtual machine as an example: the same single core CPU can realize the functions of storage and printing +2g memory. The annual price of Amazon America is 3530 yuan, and Alibaba cloud is 2368 yuan; The price of dual core +8g memory in Amazon America is 14212 yuan a year, while Alibaba cloud is only 6452 yuan. However, it can be expected that the competition between the two may lead to a sustained price war

in terms of technical performance, Amazon's overall technical strength is better than Alibaba cloud. However, in the Chinese environment, a third-party evaluator has prepared the same 2-core CPU, 1.5g memory and Gigabit card configuration. In the same scenario (single thread test), Alibaba cloud's performance is better than Amazon cloud at present

from the perspective of product services, Amazon can occupy the largest share of global cloud services, mainly relying on its kedihua's strength, first mover advantage and long-term accumulation of a complete cloud product sequence based on the first tier of the global agrochemical industry. Alibaba cloud is able to support many of its cloud products on the self-developed Feitian architecture platform, and announced that it will soon test the mobile open cloud platform in mid March

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