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Atlas Copco saw strong growth in all business orders in the first quarter of 2017

Atlas Copco saw strong growth in all business orders in the first quarter of 2017

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Atlas Copco, a leading future sustainable productivity solution provider, announced yesterday that it benefited from a healthy business environment and new innovative products and services, Orders grew strongly in all business areas. In the near future, the overall demand for the group is expected to increase

the order volume increased by 32% to SEK 31.710 billion (239.50), with an organic increase of 18%, which is also the largest increase since the second quarter of 2011. The operating revenue increased to SEK 2827 million (224.53). In the case of small tonnage, the operating profit margin was 20.4% (18.6)

"benefiting from the improvement of the overall business environment and innovative products and services that help customers improve productivity, we see that all businesses maintain a good development trend." Said Ronnie leten, President and CEO of Atlas Copco Group

innovative products released in the first quarter include spray permanent deformation and temporary deformation with improved performance: oil screw compressors, high-efficiency vacuum pumps for laboratories and research institutions, mechanical and electronic wrenches with error proofing function for assembly lines, open-air drills for hard and soft rocks, and lighter and more energy-efficient electric drainage pumps

important events in the first quarter include mats rahmstr ö M's assumption of the post of group president and CEO on April 27, 2017, and Henrik elmin will become his successor as president of industrial technology business

in addition, the board of directors of the group will move to split the group into two listed companies at the 2018 annual general meeting of shareholders. Vacuum technology began to become an independent business field at the beginning of this year

"I'm glad to see that our vacuum business is booming and our mining business is gradually recovering after several years of downturn." Ronnie leten said, "now I am ready to hand over the leadership of this great company to mats rahmstr ö m, and I am particularly grateful to all customers, shareholders, colleagues and stakeholders who have supported me during my eight years as president and CEO

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