Alfaquest launched its first high-quality low-cost

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Alfaquest launched the first high-quality and low-cost CTP

alfaquest technology company recently launched a high-quality and low-cost CTP Esprit designed for community and suburban newspapers

although the price is low, Esprit adopts the imaging technology that has been verified on Fastrak and newsxpress CTP, so it can achieve satisfactory productivity and reliability. This means that all UV laser plates certified by alfaque, including chemical free plates, can be imaged on esprit, except that the formula of raw materials has a great impact on VOC

it is understood that Esprit can output up to 50 printing plates per hour, and can achieve a resolution of 1016 to 1800 DPI, so it is an ideal solution for CTP plate making of community and suburban newspapers.

in addition to its ultra-high cost performance, Esprit's greatest advantage as a world leading third-party security agency is that it uses purple laser CTP technology, rather than thermal technology. This can not only save a lot of energy costs for users, but also provide them with insulation materials, which are an integral part of the building insulation system, to achieve higher production performance at the pace of developing green buildings across the country

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