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Alcoa may fully withdraw from the aluminum strip production business in East Asia

various signs show that Alcoa (hereinafter referred to as Alcoa) has the greatest possibility of fully withdrawing from the aluminum strip production business in East Asia

first of all, let's review the historical track of Alcoa's exit: in 1999, Alcoa acquired Reynolds metal com After that, an aluminum foil factory of the latter in the Philippines was shut down permanently and all the equipment was sold; In 2007, Alcoa sold 50% of the equity of Kall aluminum company in the aluminum strip rolling plant of SHINOKA Kobe iron and steel company in Japan to Kobe iron and steel company by adopting USB interface to better connect with configuration PLC. What Kall company actually owns is a double rack aluminum strip cold continuous production line and its auxiliary equipment; In the second half of 2008, it sold its shares in Yunnan new Alcoa Aluminum Co., Ltd. and the wholly-owned Alcoa (Shanghai) Aluminum Co., Ltd. to China Yunnan Metallurgical Group; In 2008, the aluminum foil plant of Bohai Aluminum Co., Ltd. was shut down

In 2007, Alcoa acquired Shanghai Kunshan Aluminum Co., Ltd. and bought 27% of CITIC's shares in Bohai Aluminum Co., Ltd., making Bohai Aluminum Co., Ltd. its sole proprietorship. It carried out large-scale expansion, moved a second-hand (1+3) hot tandem rolling production line from the United States, and newly purchased a 2350mm 4-Roll irreversible cold rolling mill from VAI, With a cold rolling mill of the same scale introduced in the late 1980s, the production capacity of 225kt/a cold rolled strip has been formed, with a total investment of 2.73 billion yuan. The leading products are can stock and CTP strip, which was put into production in September 2009. Alcoa originally intended to use Bohai Aluminum Co., Ltd. and Alcoa Kunshan Aluminum Co., Ltd. to expand the business of high-precision aluminum strip in the Chinese market, which can achieve good economic benefits. However, the operating conditions in recent years show that the benefits are far from the expected good. In addition to the unsatisfactory profits of Kunshan aluminum, it is difficult to decide when Bohai Aluminum Co., Ltd. will make a profit, and it has lost money every year for 20 years

accelerate the construction of Maaden Alcoa alcoajointventure. The company is built in the new industrial zone of Raz AZ Zar (WR) in Kingdom, east coast of Saudi Arabia. It is a joint enterprise of bauxite, alumina, raw aluminum and aluminum products (extruded materials and flat rolled products). Bauxite is transported by railway from albaitha mine near quiba. It is constructed in stages and batches. The estimated total investment is US $10.8 billion, and the first phase production capacity of alumina is 4mt/A; The first phase production capacity of the original aluminum plant is 1.8mt/a, which is the largest single aluminum electrolysis plant in the world. There is a workshop for producing flat ingots and Extruded round ingots in the foundry, with a production capacity of 740kt/a, which is the largest ingot foundry for processing so far; The hot rolling plant has a (1+4) hot continuous rolling production line; The cold rolling plant has a 4-stand continuous rolling production line with a production capacity of 450kt/A, which is the first such aluminum strip continuous cold rolling line built in the world in 40 years. It specializes in the production of tank body, tank cover and ring material, and then develops other structural materials. The cost of raw aluminum and plate and strip produced by the company through original technology showing special texture is at least 30% lower than that of the highest cost in the world. The original aluminum plant adopts ap37/39 technology, and the rolling production equipment and technology are provided by SMSSiemag. It is planned to be put into operation at the end of 2012/2013, and the bauxite and alumina plant can be put into operation in 2014. Maden company accounts for 74.9% of the shares in the United Company, and Alcoa accounts for the rest 25.1%. The production management and operation after production belong to Alcoa. The hot continuous rolling production line can produce 2200mm wide strip. The maximum thickness of the ingot is 635mm and the weight is 32.5t. After cold continuous rolling, the width of the strip is 1050~2100mm and the thickness is 0.15~2.0mm. Except for a small amount of consumption in this region, more than 85% of all products are exported to Asia and other regions

maden Alcoa United Aluminum Co., Ltd. integrates the latest advanced technology and world-class equipment: the rolling mill is designed and manufactured by Symantec

the high-speed Slitter train (1800m/min) is from Danieli frohling of Italy, and the packaging production line is also owned by this company; The pure tension straightening machine is the product of Germany bwgggmbh; The heat treatment equipment and the pusher furnace are provided by the Austrian company Ebner; Flat ingot and round ingot DC casting machines are all the latest products of Wagstaff

it can be seen from the above analysis that after maden Alcoa United Aluminum Co., Ltd. is put into operation, the products produced by maden Alcoa can replace the products of the former Karl Aluminum Company of Japan and Bohai Aluminum Co., Ltd. of China, and there is a margin of about 200kt/a. At the same time, its production cost is lower than those produced in China, and the product quality is also improved. The company provides users with a variety of combinations for users to choose from. From this point of view, Alcoa retains the hopeless Bohai aluminum company, which is worthless. It is very possible to get rid of the burden of 20 years to improve the safety, performance and cycle life of nickel cobalt lithium manganate/nickel cobalt lithium aluminate, lithium rich manganese based materials and silicon carbon composite negative electrode materials. The date when maden Alcoa United aluminum company is put into production may be the time when Alcoa officially releases and sells Bohai Aluminum Co., Ltd, Interested buyers may wish to make some preparations. Because Kunshan aluminum is still profitable, it may not be sold for the time being

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