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Croland: improve after-sales level and create corporate image

croland VK company has launched a new type of automatic die-cutting machine, new young Shin 1040s revotec, which is famous for its high running speed. The launch of this machine shows that croland VK has taken a big step forward. In addition to providing the original 1040ncs model, cro after-sales is an important aspect to test the brand reputation. Now, strand company can also provide 1040s revotec die-cutting machine with higher specifications. The functional parts added to this new machine 1040s revotec include: waste removal frame that can be set quickly, fine-tuning of die-cutting plate. Among them, the cost of high-speed railway is only 1/3 ⑴/2 of that of foreign countries, side gauge I believe sensor, etc., and its die-cutting speed has been increased to 7500 pieces/hour

mr. Steven Waterhouse, group sales director of croland company, explained: "both revotec and 1040ncs die cutting machines can be pre loaded or pallet loaded. The first machine was installed in Croatia after the drupa exhibition, and two other machines have been booked."

at present, croland has improved its after-sales service level and obtained the right to distribute and retail its automated machines in Europe. These will be conducive to the company's future development plan and ensure the company's leading position in the industry. The company is satisfied with its sales performance in the international market - the customer base has gradually expanded, and now it is as far away as Mexico and Ukraine

in order to further develop the company, croland VK has launched a new corporate image as a pioneer in the company's international business. The new logo of the company depicts a modern and clean pattern, implying that the company will stand out in the crowded market competition. The history of croland company can be traced back to 1872. Now with 26 employees, croland company is the largest supplier in Britain that can independently manufacture die-cutting machinery

Mr. Waterhouse finally concluded, "as a company and also a top brand, croland now enjoys an excellent market reputation."

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