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CRM implementation experience of foreign enterprises

Dow, a chemical company with a long history of 106 years, believes in CRM - it firmly believes that "CRM will create a stronger and healthier Dow." Said Mack Murrell, the company's director of global operations. However, this trust is by no means blind. ASTM d1894 requires 150 ± 30mm/min. On the contrary, it has its own metrics, research and customer feedback to prove its CRM. Murrell told crmgu that in the long-distance logistics conditions, the participants of Ru customertink Executive Summit

what does CRM need to succeed

Unlike other enterprises, Dow believes that the success of its CRM project and the success of enterprises in the future all depend on organizing people, processes and technologies around customer needs - reforms in these areas are indispensable. "When it comes to CRM implementation, you should have heard enough. It must be supported by leaders. This is what an innovation team of Haizheng group must do to implement CRM. Sometimes you will hear people say that it is related to technology. You must seek first-class technology. There are also many people who say that if you leave the workflow, you will not be able to make any changes. Well, here I want to tell you that I think the success of CRM implementation requires the above The combined effect of these factors, and what part of your work is not ideal, then it will become an obstacle on the road of implementation. "

Dow is a mature enterprise with rich business practices. When many other enterprises think that there are many difficult things to deal with the changes brought about by the implementation of CRM, Murrell pointed out that Dow has a glorious and glorious history of innovation "A very integrated enterprise. We not only have a highly integrated manufacturing system and supply chain, but also have a very complete organizational structure. At Dow, the entire enterprise system is divided into six levels, with a total of 50000 employees. At the first level, there is only one person, our CEO. At the second level, we have 10 people. At the third level, we have about 200 people, and I am also in it, followed by the fourth, fifth and sixth levels, with a total of more than 49700 employees People. In the first, second, third and fourth levels, 90% of the positions have global responsibilities, so the people I work for are responsible for the company's global affairs. "

what the company failed to do, Murrell said that "it did not emphasize customer focus" - it did not listen to the feedback directly from customers. This enterprise has long realized that CRM "is not something you do hidden in the corner," and supporters began to build their own cases for CRM. "CRM is not a bottom-level propaganda and implementation that can be completed at once, and you know that almost everyone is related to it. It is a real top-down change process, and you must know in your consciousness that it is directly aimed at people. Basically, we will be very different tomorrow, and we are preparing for a bus trip," Murrell said, "Children, we are going to grandma's house. You can either get in the car and play game boy to grandma's house, or get spanked first and then go to grandma's house. In short, we are going to grandma's house."

taking customers as the center is related to the success or failure of enterprise business.

in order to show its concept of CRM, the company decided to start with customers. "We spend a lot of time talking with customers, and they are telling us, Dow, you are not customer-centric. Murrell said.

"Our internal investigation also shows this point. We began to look at Dow's internal business and carried out a lot of calculations. We asked customers, what is the key to success? What characteristics do you want to see in Dow? Then we compared what customers said with our actual results. You see, the best business that matches these characteristics is almost the best business we have." Murrell said

he believes that this survey helps enterprises focus on their processes. Murrell said, "We are a chemical enterprise. By nature, we have a process for everything we do, and we measure every step very quickly. For a large project, if you still want to carry it to the second, third and fourth stages, then it is best to develop metrics and determine the main indicators to measure success.

the management hopes that any project will have a case as evidence. Murrell said "If you ask them for money to do something new, you'd better prepare sufficient reasons for them to give you money. The commitment we made in 2000 (that is, our customer interface system) is a proof that we are about to make a major breakthrough in the process."

the second commitment is to make the company obtain better customer loyalty. "The difficulty of this commitment is customer loyalty, and customer satisfaction is the subsequent indicator," Murrell said, "The measurement of defects, mistakes and the cost of doing wrong things is the main indicator, and customer loyalty is the follow-up indicator. Therefore, we say that you will eventually see the improvement of customer loyalty, but we can immediately let you see the elimination of defects and the reduction of costs."

the total cost of the project is $50million, and the project will eventually adopt Siebel's technology. Supporters "jointly reached a vision", they told managers, "I 2. Electrical appliances suddenly failed. We hope to become the easiest enterprise to conduct business cooperation anywhere. We still have a long way to go to achieve this." Dow has a very typical feature, that is, it personnel will be involved at the start of the project, just as the company did in the SAP implementation in 1993. "We are a very standardized enterprise, so our cooperation with it is always carried out at the beginning of the game." Murrell said


murrell believes that the successful transformation of enterprises to customer-centric is the result of many factors. The first is change management. "Of course, that's not enough." Murrell said, "Someone once said that if you use something the size of a dime close to your eyes and stare at it for a long time, you will close out the beauty of the whole universe. It is true that the so-called" one leaf blinds the eyes and does not see Mount Tai ". Moreover, you will encounter many such coins on the way in the future, so it is very important for you to take this coin away from your eyes as soon as possible and know why you want to do so , know why it is worth going through this struggle, so the vision is extremely important. "

however, he admitted that implementing change management on sales force is a challenging thing. "Maybe 30% of our salespeople are enthusiastic about the use of these tools, and if they are asked to stop using them, they will yell and be extremely unhappy. However, there are other 40% to 50% of people who think these tools are helpful although they are using them, but they are always very cold." Murrell said, "the remaining 10% to 15% of salespeople avoid it."

similarly, the overall view is also very important. "The concept of Six Sigma emphasizes a kind of discipline, which makes us really focus on the improvement of defect rate and workflow, value creation and strict measurement standards. These things are very important for the implementation of a CRM project, at least we think so." Murrell said. "Finally, once again, we are a very innovative enterprise. We believe that information technology and its integration are extremely important."

Mack Murrell is the global user interface director of Dow Chemical. His terms of reference include all operational support related to customer activities and the development of technology and related workflow, so that our customers and customer-oriented employees can enter the E-era. Since taking over the customer interface work in 1999, he has been leading Dow's CRM project. (end)

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