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Cross scale design of rubber nanocomposites helps the successful development of Aa1 products

cross scale design of rubber nanocomposites helps the successful development of Aa1 products

May 14, 2020

with the increasing depletion of oil resources and the intensification of the greenhouse effect, energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection have attracted more and more attention all over the world. The European Union, Japan and other countries raised the requirements of tire rolling resistance, wet and slippery, and noise to the level of regulations in 2014 and 0 years of particle drying. In order to meet the high requirements of the EU labeling law, especially the uneven distribution, the Research Institute of Shandong Linglong Tire Co., Ltd. and the advanced elastomer material research center of Beijing University of chemical technology set up a special research team to develop a new high-level and high-grade tire product coating for the highest level "Aa1" tire in the EU labeling law

with the help of the research platform of Linglong tire Research Institute and the State Key Laboratory of organic and inorganic composites of Beijing University of chemical technology, the new products organically integrate basic research such as cross-scale simulation calculation, percolation viscoelastic mechanism of nano reinforced rubber and the development of high-performance tread rubber nanocomposite formula, scientifically apply special new materials, and develop advanced continuous mixing process, The network structure regulation and function coupling of multi-component and multi-scale materials are realized, and the tire structure and pattern arrangement are scientifically designed. The new product can effectively reduce the sliding distance between the tire and the ground when braking, greatly improve the safety performance of the tire on the wet road, and significantly reduce the energy loss of the tire in the process of use, saving vehicle fuel consumption

in July 2019, the development of two specifications of products has been completed, all reaching the level of Aa1. The rolling resistance of 205/55r16 and 235/55r19 products is less than 6.0, and the wet slip index is more than 1.60. Through 68dB noise, the index reaches the level of Aa1 in the EU labeling method, and the wet slip and rolling resistance parameter performance is better than the requirements of EU labeling regulations. At present, the product has been successfully applied in Lingling tire domestic and foreign vehicle supporting projects

One pressing roller applies pressure to the tow

the current highest level of the EU labeling method is Aa1, that is, the wet slip index is grade A, the rolling resistance is grade A, and the noise is grade 1. The successful R & D of Linglong tire Aa1 project fully reflects the company's R & D level and the strength of industry university research cooperation, providing a solid technical guarantee for the company to continue to explore the European market and enhance brand value

behind the leading R & D strength is the R & D investment and innovation of Linglong tire for many years. It is understood that Linglong tire has set up R & D institutions in Zhaoyuan, Yantai, Beijing, Shanghai, Germany and the United States. It has a national industrial design center, a national recognized enterprise technology center, and a national recognized laboratory, building an integrated R & D pattern covering the world. Up to now, Linglong tire has participated in the formulation and revision of 91 national and industrial standards, undertaken 11 national innovation projects, and has authorized more than 700 patents in total, with the number of patents in the forefront of Chinese tire enterprises. We have successfully developed graphene reinforced tread tires, 3D printing ultra-low heat generation and high cutting resistance polyurethane tires, racing tires, flat tire, low odor tires, dandelion rubber tires, etc., participated in the basic research on the design and manufacture of advanced composites and structures of national large aircraft radial tires, and independently developed the first-class products for urban rail transit. It has won the second prize of national technological invention and the second prize of national scientific and technological progress

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