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CRM choice of IT enterprises: development or lease

with the increasingly fierce competition in the world economic environment, it enterprises naturally cannot be alone. How to retain and develop customers in the current situation is a serious problem faced by enterprises. Therefore, it enterprises need to meet customers' personalized needs in customer relationship management. In terms of the current theoretical and practical conditions, it is an effective way to realize the "customer-centric" enterprise operation mechanism with the help of CRM system

the current CRM manufacturers can be roughly divided into two types. One is the traditional manufacturers represented by Microsoft Dynamics CRM and UFIDA turbo CRM; One is SaaS CRM manufacturer represented by 800 customers. Traditional manufacturers are expensive, and the costs of early investment and later maintenance are high; CRM manufacturers, with price advantages, can flexibly control CTO, but the scope of promotion and application is relatively small, and they are emerging service-oriented manufacturers. IT enterprises belong to professional institutions in the industry, and they are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of this relationship

however, CRM software in IT enterprises not only has its own advantages, but also has a dilemma. The reason is that it enterprises have a deep understanding of CRM, and the technical ability of the management can accurately judge the matching degree of enterprise needs and CRM system; The dilemma is whether to develop or rent the CRM system of the manufacturer. The level of self-developed technology is guaranteed, but there is a fight between the risk and the input-output ratio in the later stage; Renting CRM system also worries that the system flexibility provided by CRM manufacturers is not enough to meet the needs of enterprises. We take Fuji RONGTONG, China enterprise power, digital China, Silian microelectronics and other enterprises as examples to analyze the whole process of their selection of CRM system

the advantages and disadvantages of development or leasing are great PK

1. Reasonably control the choice of TCO Fuji financing 800app-crm

efuture Fuji financing Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the leading suppliers of software and electronic services in the retail and consumer goods industry in the Asia Pacific region. It is an upgraded product of the management and technical strength of China's circulation industry, and an excellent application software and service provider in the front end of China's supply chain; On October 31, 2006, it landed in the NASDAQ capital market of the United States (stock exchange code: efut). China is headquartered in Beijing and has software development bases in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Wuhan. There are more than 800 employees, including more than 400 technical teams. There are 23 offices with certificates in the whole box and 35 urban service stations in the country

in 2010, Fuji RONGTONG officially signed a contract with 800 customers, the first CRM manufacturer in China, aiming to promote the progress of enterprise management level and the standardization of management process by using 800app-crm system. Fuji financing chose 800 customers mainly because of the cost advantage of 800app system

as we all know, TCO in CRM is very complex. It involves overall evaluation and cost summary, including server, storage, network environment, operating system, database and manual implementation costs. The costs involved in the whole effective cycle of the CRM scheme should be calculated. At the same time, it also includes the costs of various implementation stages of the project or scheme, such as planning and procurement, configuration and management, and continuous support

Fuji financing has strong financial strength and technology R & D team, and has good R & D ability. However, in terms of five-year TCO calculation, the development of its own CRM system requires the company to configure excellent R & D executives and R & D teams. The cost of software and hardware is relatively expensive, but choosing ordinary manufacturers is worried about the low flexibility and matching of the system

after investigation, it is found that 800 customers, the first CRM manufacturer in China, has strong strength and rich industry implementation experience, and has high system flexibility and flexible and controllable costs. After a period of contact and trial, Fu Group RONGTONG finally abandoned the idea of independent research and development and chose 800app-crm system. By using this system, the company's management can flexibly control TCO, add and delete appropriately according to the scope, frequency and number of employees used by the enterprise, and make rational use of capital sources; Using CRM system can save a lot of human and material resources without any early investment and late maintenance costs; Free upgrade service can not only effectively meet the needs of enterprise development, but also avoid the cost of system upgrade, killing three birds with one stone

2. Fast implementation and fast launch. Digital China Enterprise Power favors CRM

Digital China Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 00861. Hong Kong) is a leading integrated IT service provider in China. The group was spun off from the original Lenovo Group and was independently listed on the main board of the stock exchange of Hong Kong Limited on June 1, 2001. Digital China is committed to providing advanced and applicable information technology applications for Chinese users, driving innovation in work and life with science and technology, and promoting the process of digitalization in China. To this end, the Group strives to build itself into the most extensive and comprehensive preferred it service provider in China

Founded in 1999, China enterprise power is a large joint-stock high-tech enterprise group under China Digital Information Co., Ltd., a company listed on the stock exchange of Hong Kong. Since its establishment, China enterprise power has always been committed to providing information services for China's growing enterprises, creating a precedent in China to realize enterprise information through operation mode

in 2010, digital China and China Enterprise Power signed a formal cooperation agreement with 800 customers, the first CRM manufacturer in China, and achieved a new leap in enterprise management by using 800app-crm system

Digital China and Chinese enterprises choose 800 customers, and their managers prefer CRM, mainly focusing on its rapid implementation and rapid online characteristics. Generally speaking, a medium-sized CRM project may take 3 to 6 months from the beginning to the end of the project. This does not include the time spent on early consultation and model selection. Both digital China and China enterprise power belong to it service providers, and they are all aware of the disadvantages of CRM implementation. The two enterprises have the characteristics of wide business scope and many employees. Once the CRM system is implemented, it will not only affect the expansion of business, but also be a difficult task to schedule their own resources. By renting the CRM system, the enterprise only needs to submit the relevant implementation requirements, and the service provider can quickly complete it. Through the progressive implementation, it can be continuously promoted by departments and stages, and the testing and implementation can be carried out at the same time. In just one month, the 800app system of 800 customers can be put into use, ensuring the realization of the existing management goals

3. technology leading system flexible Silian microelectronics growth and success road

Chongqing Silian Microelectronics Co., Ltd. was established in February 2009. It is a state-owned high-tech company that develops a world-class digital audio and video signal processing integrated circuit system (SOC) with independent intellectual property rights, and provides supporting chips and system design solutions for HD digital TV terminal equipment, And the wired two-way access system scheme and core components. Headquartered in the northern New Area of Chongqing, and with Beijing R & D center in Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing, the energy used accounts for about 12% of the total energy consumption of the national economy (r&d Center)

Silian microelectronics is a growth enterprise, which is characterized by a large number and wide distribution, but the individual scale is small, lack of talents, funds, limited resources, and weak comprehensive strength; At the same time, its external competitive environment is bad, its development direction is often adjusted, and its business is changeable. In terms of informatization, their cognition is limited, they lack professional IT technicians, and their investment budget is small, but they are very eager to improve their competitiveness through informatization. The application service based on "cloud platform" is the most suitable information implementation mode for this need

in 2010, Silian microelectronics signed a contract with 800 customers to complete its growth and success by using 800app-crm system. 800app system has super flexible self customization function, which supports the free change and setting system of enterprises from modules to fields. Only in this way can we meet the needs of enterprise growth and development. 1. We must pay attention to the selection of samples and support the adjustment and change of enterprise business

it enterprises have certain advantages in choosing to develop their own CRM system. First, in terms of technology level, it enterprises have good technical advantages; Secondly, managers and technical engineers have a deep understanding of the needs of enterprise management, and can develop a CRM system to meet the needs of enterprises; Thirdly, in terms of talent needs, it companies have their own elite team. However, in the long run, it enterprises also have many disadvantages in developing their own systems. Based on the above, we can find that weighing the advantages and disadvantages of development and leasing, it is obvious that renting CRM is slightly better, which is also the key for many IT manufacturers to choose to rent CRM. So far, it manufacturers such as ChinaSoft, NEC, Puyuan, Datang Xingzhu, Zhongsou, crystal stone, Tsinghua unisplent, frog communication have adopted 800app system. What are you waiting for? (end)

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