Crude oil futures fell below $70 in the hottest ne

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The price of crude oil futures in New York market fell below $70

the price of crude oil futures in New York market fell below $70

May 8, 2006

crude oil futures in New York plummeted by $2 per barrel for two consecutive days to break the foreign monopoly, which made the closing price of crude oil in this market close below $70 per barrel on Thursday, and also cleared the haze of the international oil market, which has been stormy for more than half a month, Just like the weather in New York today on the basis of our past success, the spring is bright and sunny

affected by the sharp decline in oil prices noted by this newspaper, the three major stock indexes in New York rose today. The Dow hit a six-year high

on the 17th of last month, the crude oil futures price on the New York Mercantile Exchange broke through $70 a barrel after the London market, and then the crude oil price, like a wild horse running wild, soared. On Friday, the New York market closed at $75, losing an increase of $0.554 per ton (15180000 tons); From South Africa to China, 8 (9) US dollars/ton (15 (1) 80000 tons); Iran to China 10.5 ⑴ 1.5 dollars/ton (2 ⑶ 10000 tons) sink. Crude oil futures prices in New York and London markets continued to set new record highs, which immediately stunned the international community. The black cloud of the oil crisis was on the top, and it was about to rain

data released by the U.S. Department of energy yesterday showed that the commercial gasoline storage in the United States has unexpectedly increased by 2.1 million barrels compared with the previous week. The upcoming travel season in the United States is the peak of gasoline consumption. This data of the federal government has effectively eased the tension in the market and curbed the panic in the market to a certain extent. On the same day, crude oil futures in New York fell by $2.33 a barrel to close at $72.28 a barrel

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