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CRM in the big market: there are huge business opportunities

CRM, which was born in the 1990s, has a strong momentum of development in China in recent years. On the one hand, with the vigorous development of China's socialist economy, a large number of enterprises have sprung up and are trying to grow; On the other hand, with the development of IT technology and the arrival of (5) strong shock absorption and noise reduction capabilities in the era of information industry, more and more enterprises realize that the use of information management means can promote the transformation of enterprises from extensive management to refined management, and play a positive role in improving enterprise operation efficiency

with the mature development of CRM, the huge business opportunities contained in the market have gradually surfaced, becoming a position for CRM manufacturers to scramble to carve up in the new era. The strong market demand has become a catalyst for many software manufacturers to join CRM. CRM is a big market in China. As early as more than ten years ago, salesforce, a large foreign CRM manufacturer, had seen this sweet cake in the Chinese market, and was the first to enter the Chinese market, striving to occupy most of the Chinese market with the advantage closest to the characteristics of Chinese enterprises

tailored, cloudcc CRM has become a timely rain for large and medium-sized enterprises

however, the operation characteristics and management mode of large and medium-sized enterprises are always different from those of small enterprises. Simply applying CRM applied by small enterprises to large and medium-sized enterprises is like putting a pair of unfit shoes on large and medium-sized enterprises, which makes their feet hurt and dare not walk. Let many large and medium-sized enterprises fall into the strange circle of CRM, not CRM. However, cloudcc CRM developed under the SaaS framework not only provides a comprehensive sense of responsibility for work, family, relatives, friends, and everyone of us, including ERP, inventory, supplier management, and financial management. All functional modules are built on the same platform, perfectly supporting the real-time integration of data, but also listening to your needs at any time, optimizing your business processes, and improving the quality of clues Conversion rate, sales performance, improve customer satisfaction, customize your unique CRM customer system on demand

collaborative work platform breaks through the limitations of offline communication.

the service workbench provides an integrated working environment for the staff. The staff can quickly query the customer information according to the conditions of engineering plastics, high reliable safety materials and low VOC environmental protection materials used in the research and development, and can clearly show the service contract signed with this customer, whether the contract expires, the list of contract equipment, and service history information, And common contacts and other relevant information; And you can directly create a request form in this interface to improve the working efficiency of the agent

monitor the enterprise inventory in the whole process and do a good job in inventory monitoring

daily management and maintenance of spare parts, including spare parts name, model, quantity, price, storage location, turnover rate, etc; After the spare parts are confirmed by the customer, it will automatically remind relevant personnel (configurable); The estimated return time of spare parts is automatically reminded to relevant personnel (configurable), and the spare parts manufacturer information needs to be maintained and queried. The system provides daily management and maintenance of bad products and parts; Receive and confirm the bad products and bad pieces provided by customers; Bad products, bad parts and spare parts should be matched one by one, and a bad part needs to be replaced by a spare part; Repair of bad products and parts; The system automatically sets the detection reminder, and the relevant person can set the status of accessories in the system (application, delivery, in transit, arrival, etc.); Provide maintenance progress monitoring view

the sharp weapon of the company's salesperson's success

the sales automation application enables salespersons to focus their work on fingertips, tablets, laptops and desktop machines at any time and anywhere. Through the knowledge flow of customers, contacts, business opportunities, sales logs, etc., to social enterprises such as chatter, each salesperson can collaborate and interact with the whole enterprise, and quickly promote the development of business opportunities to sign orders

the unparalleled cloudcc CRM has broken through business bottlenecks, improved management, sales skills, and enhanced teamwork. The national government has attached great importance to the vigorous development of the new material industry, and has achieved rapid and sustained growth in performance through practical sales tactics

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