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The employment demand of Hefei's tertiary industry will gradually increase, and the demand for manufacturing jobs is obvious

this year, the employment demand of Hefei's tertiary industry will gradually increase, but many problems have been found, becoming the "main force" to absorb employment. The total demand for manufacturing jobs will increase significantly. The employment demand of the tertiary industry in Hefei will gradually increase this year, becoming the main force to absorb employment. On January 7, it was learned from the Municipal Employment Service Management Center that according to the dynamic monitoring of employment and unemployment in the city, new changes have taken place in Hefei's human resources market, new e-commerce related jobs have emerged, and some traditional jobs have slowly withdrawn from the market

last year, the municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau conducted dynamic monitoring of employment and unemployment on the supply and demand of 13 human resources markets in the city, the recruitment and personnel flow of enterprises in 3 development zones and 80 households when the area reduction rate was mainly measured, and the internal labor transfer in 10 administrative villages in 5 towns. The monitoring found that in the fourth quarter of last year, the total number of manufacturing demand in the city was 11147, accounting for 46.18%, an increase of 5. 5% compared with the same period of the previous year The tensile force of the test piece is reduced to 74% of the set allowable value. It is expected that the total demand for manufacturing jobs will increase significantly at the beginning of this year

in addition, compared with some cities in the Yangtze River Delta and the central region, the employment demand of the tertiary industry in our city has more room to improve. In the past, the employment demand of Hefei enterprises was mainly in the secondary industry, but from the industrial demand of last year, the demand of the tertiary industry increased from 48.5% of the previous year to 50.6%. According to the analysis of the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Employment Service Center, as Hefei has become a sub center of the world-class urban agglomeration in the Yangtze River Delta, the development of industrial transformation and upgrading has further accelerated, there is huge room for Hefei's tertiary industry to improve, and the proportion of tertiary industry demand will gradually increase, becoming an important force to absorb employment

there is also a new phenomenon in the human resources market, that is, emerging jobs begin to appear, and some traditional jobs exit the market. The person in charge said that the arrival of the Internet consumption era has driven the rise of related e-commerce posts such as Internet art, Internet sales, Internet customer service, marketing, e-payment, express delivery services, etc. At present, Hefei is building a call City, and the demand for e-commerce talents will rise sharply, which will inevitably bring new changes to the supply and demand trend and demand structure of the traditional human resources market

with the quiet rise of emerging jobs, the demand for some traditional jobs is also gradually decreasing, and it is possible to completely withdraw from the market. Take boiler workers as an example. In 2014, there were only 12 enterprises recruiting boiler workers in the city's human resources markets at all levels, and the annual job demand was less than 100. With the rise of electronic boilers and the full application of automation technology, traditional boiler workers will be gradually replaced

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