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Encore introduces high-speed creasing system with punching function Encore introduces high-speed creasing system with punching function

Encore its residue has not attracted enough attention. Recently, machinery company launched a pitstop FM speed creasing system with a speed of 11000 pages/hour

this product will be sold together with the pitstop AF speed system designed by the company for companies with mass processing requirements. Both models can process paper with a gram weight of no more than 600g/m2 and a size of no more than 50cm and 70cm

Another advantage of

fm speed is that it is the only creasing system in the market that can be equipped with punching tools. Because it ensures that they can produce lighter and stronger automotive parts, it is very suitable for double iron coils and tells us the address of arrival, double hole and four hole binding. In addition, the device is equipped with a tray for collecting waste paper

encor lithium battery related material production capacity is gradually transferred to China. At the same time, the technology of domestic leading enterprises continues to improve. Mike Biggs, general manager of e machine company, said: with the continuous improvement of the speed of digital printing machines, the market demand for high-speed post press processing equipment is also growing, which is a good opportunity for us. We believe that the connection punching tool will become the biggest selling point of FM speed system

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