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Empowering the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, guests talked about the innovation and breakthrough of industrial interconnection

at present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution in the world are accelerating, and industrial interconnection technology continues to make breakthroughs, injecting new momentum into the economic innovation and development of all countries. In this context, it is increasingly important to study the innovative development of industrial interconnection and explore the application of new interconnection technologies in traditional industries. On October 21, the 6th World interconnection conference held a forum on the innovation and breakthrough of industrial interconnection, industrial digitalization leading the high-quality development of manufacturing industry. Guests discussed topics such as the innovation and breakthrough of industrial interconnection and promoting the high-quality development of manufacturing industry

manufacturing industry realizes the transformation of digitalization and intelligence

manufacturing industry is the foundation of building a country and strengthening the country. In today's world, the new generation of information technologies such as artificial intelligence and 5g are promoting the rapid development of a new round of manufacturing revolution represented by industrial interconnection

The concept of industrial interconnection is very complex. Initially, industrial interconnection was called the integration of industrialization and industrialization, which refers to how to integrate modern information technology and industrial manufacturing. Zhang Jianfeng, chief technology officer of Alibaba group and President of Alibaba cloud intelligence, emphasized the relationship between Internet and manufacturing. Chen Zhaoxiong, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that as the deep integration of the new generation of digital technology and industrial economy, as the product of Jinan Sida Testing Technology Co., Ltd., a famous domestic testing instrument and testing service provider, at present, industrial interconnection is promoting the digitalization, networking and intelligent transformation of the manufacturing industry by realizing the comprehensive connection of all elements of the industrial economy, the whole industrial chain and the whole value chain, So as to shape the new mode and format of manufacturing industry

Zhang Jianfeng illustrated the importance of industrial interconnection in the production of manufacturing products with examples: 1. Some policy regulations and gray industrial regulations are not conducive to the development of Chinese funded enterprises. For example, in the industrial production process, inorganic nanoparticles or inorganic particles are used to react with organic polyurethane "hybrid bond", many parameters need to be accurately adjusted and controlled. With the industrial brain of industrial interconnection, it is very important to highlight the products on the shelves. We have improved the level of intelligent control. For the first time, we have combined artificial intelligence algorithms with industrial manufacturing processes, which can greatly reduce the consumption of raw materials and greatly improve industrial manufacturing and production efficiency

Zhuang rongwen, director of the national Internet Information Office, analyzed the demands of new technologies and applications of industrial interconnection for the all-round, all angle and whole chain transformation of traditional industries from the perspective of demand. Zhuang rongwen said that industrial interconnection should always be led by demand. Only when it is closely combined with the actual needs of the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, can the new technologies, applications and models of industrial interconnection produce real value. On the demand side, highly personalized customization centered on customers will become a trend. Li Qiang, senior vice president of SAP worldwide and general manager of China, added

accelerate the implementation and application of industrial interconnection

from the perspective of production practice, industrial interconnection has accelerated the integration with the real economy, especially the manufacturing industry, and has been widely used. Industrial interconnection has penetrated into steel, infrastructure, aerospace and other manufacturing sectors, effectively promoting the digital transformation of manufacturing. Chen Zhaoxiong said

taking Zhejiang Province as an example, since 2017, Zhejiang Province has comprehensively promoted the transformation and upgrading of 10 traditional industries, focusing on promoting the intelligent production, automatic management and information-based operation of traditional manufacturing equipment. Last year, on the basis of the 33.5% increase in R & D funds of 10 traditional industries, the total labor productivity increased by 8.2%, and the total profit increased by 11.4% year-on-year, which achieved good results

Zhuang rongwen said that in the next step, to promote the implementation and application of industrial interconnection, the government should play the leading role of credit and special funds, improve tax and financial policies, and create a policy environment conducive to the integrated development of manufacturing and interconnection; Enterprises should strengthen R & D investment in industrial interconnection applications and actively participate in new industry university research and application alliances across industries and fields; Universities and scientific research institutes should improve the talent training system of the integrated development of interconnection and manufacturing

it is worth noting that while the accelerated application of industrial interconnection achieves good results, problems such as uneven application also follow. In this regard, Li Qiang said that in the past few years, because large enterprises usually have strong financial strength and a certain technical foundation, the first stage of industrial interconnection applications are mainly concentrated in these leading enterprises. However, today's industrial interconnection application has entered the second stage. The urgent task now is to enable more and more small and medium-sized enterprises to enjoy the scientific and technological achievements and the empowerment brought by industrial interconnection and artificial intelligence

innovative core technology is the key

driven by the acceleration of industrial interconnection, China has become the only manufacturing country in the world with 41 industrial categories, 207 industrial categories and 666 industrial subcategories, and all industrial categories in the United Nations Industrial Classification. However, at the same time, there is still a large gap between China's industrial interconnection and developed countries in terms of products, technology, talents, innovation, etc., and the need for transformation and upgrading is very urgent

in this regard, Yuan Jiajun, governor of the people's Government of Zhejiang Province, said: we still need to improve the R & D capacity of key core technologies, implement key core technology research projects, focus on overcoming a number of industrial development bottlenecks, and improve the self-sufficiency rate of key core technologies and products

we still need to carry out innovation around customer value, mainly operational innovation, product innovation and mode innovation. Among them, operation innovation mainly focuses on efficiency improvement; Product innovation mainly focuses on personalized customization; Model innovation should focus on operators and focus on the reconstruction of the ecosystem. Li Zizi, chairman of ZTE Co., Ltd., believes that

Li Zixue also mentioned the important role of 5g technology in industrial interconnection technology innovation. Li Zixue said that 5g technology has expanded the application scope for the industrial field. 5g technology has the characteristics of ultra-high bandwidth, ultra wide connection and ultra-low delay, which will effectively meet the group needs of diversified and multi business industrial production and smooth the information flow of industrial production

it is worth noting that industrial interconnection is a huge system, which requires all parties in the industrial chain and value chain to jointly build and cooperate in the process of operation. In this regard, Liu duo, President of the China Academy of information and communications, said that enterprises should clarify their own positioning in the process of building industrial interconnection. At the same time, government organizations and institutions from all walks of life should cooperate closely. Only through the joint efforts of everyone can industrial interconnection achieve better development and promote the high-quality development of manufacturing industry

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