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Anhui enamelled round aluminum wire project fills the gap in China. BASF hopes to cooperate with the plastic ban order white

the first domestic special enamelled round aluminum wire project with an annual output of 4000 tons was successfully tested in Tongling Economic and Technological Development Zone in Anhui Province a few days ago. The products have been tested by Shanghai electric wire and cable Institute, a domestic authoritative testing organization, and all performance indicators are very excellent

95% was invested by Jingda special electromagnetic wire Co., Ltd. and 5% by Jingda copper material (Group) Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 120million yuan under the condition of small deformation. Once the paint surface is damaged or the early anti-corrosion is not done well, it is easy to rust and corrode the round aluminum wire project. The construction was started in the copper processing Industrial Park of Tongling Economic and Technological Development Zone on May 20 last year. The project covers an area of 45 mu, and the main plant covers an area of more than 1200 square meters. It will be equipped with 17 enameling machine production lines and 2 wire drawing machine production lines. At present, 1 wire drawing machine and 3 wire drawing machine production lines have been introduced respectively. Through technical cooperation with American riea electromagnetic wire company, it has introduced a number of patented technologies and proprietary technologies. After more than half a year of construction, a trial production was successful. The products meet the relevant American, Japanese and international standards, and can be widely used in microwave oven transformers, three-phase power transformers, kitchen motors, automotive wires and other fields

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