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The end market and material dealers affect self-adhesive labels

self adhesive materials are a great challenge to traditional label materials and a revolution in the field of labels. Since the 1930s, self-adhesive material technology has spread rapidly to all parts of the world. Some countries have set up factories to research and develop various kinds of self-adhesive label materials

current situation of the industry

the development history of self-adhesive label materials is also the development history of science and technology in this century. At present, the basic status of self-adhesive label materials is:

① fabric. It mainly focuses on paper and develops to a variety of materials and special uses, such as synthetic materials, anti-counterfeiting materials and transfer materials

② adhesive. Solvent based and hot-melt adhesives that pollute the environment are developing into water-soluble emulsion adhesives that do not pollute the environment

③ coating technology. There are many coating methods. The current development direction is from traditional roll coating and scraper coating to high-pressure tape coating. The progress made at present is also exciting to ensure the uniformity of coating to the greatest extent, avoid the generation of bubbles and pinholes, and ensure the coating quality

market characteristics

first of all, the self-adhesive label material has good printability. As long as the material selection is strengthened, the supervision and management are taken and the printing method is appropriate, it can basically carry out various designs and text designs according to the requirements of customers, and the application process is not complicated. Whether through the labeling machine or manually, as long as the backing paper is stripped, the use effect can be achieved, and its convenience is fully reflected

secondly, with the increasing diversification of product types in various enterprises, inventory management has increasingly become an issue of great concern to enterprises. For example, daily chemical enterprises may increase or reduce the production of some products according to the market trend. In this case, the use of self-adhesive label materials can help solve many problems. Not only that, enterprises use self-adhesive labels as process or inspection marks in the production process, but also have very good results. For another example, with the further development of the market, more and more foreign brand products are directly sold in China. As long as domestic agents use self-adhesive labels, they can interpret the characteristics of products in their own language and improve sales opportunities

thirdly, with the self-adhesive label entering people's daily life, it gradually reflects the convenience it brings to people in life. For example, sticker photography is a good example. In addition, some foreign countries design stamps in the form of self-adhesive, which brings convenience to people

the varieties are constantly enriched and the functions are more complete. Self adhesive label materials are used in various industries and need to meet the different requirements of different industries. To this end, self-adhesive material manufacturers have increased their research and development efforts, constantly expanding product varieties, increasing or improving their functions. The expansion of product varieties is manifested in two aspects: vertical and horizontal. Vertical refers to the deep mining and development of the same type of products that require a low conversion rate, so as to give greater play to its effectiveness. Horizontal expansion means that businesses work hard on surface materials, glue and even backing paper to launch new styles, such as changing the thickness of surface materials, changing the color of surface materials, changing the type of glue, etc. to give a few examples: through the change of glue, strong adhesive materials can be designed into weak adhesive materials that can be pasted repeatedly; Through the improvement of surface material and glue, the material can be automatically separated from the pasted object in a certain temperature of water, playing a good recycling role; There are also some materials that make the materials have a certain smell by scientifically configuring beneficial additives to meet the olfactory needs of customers, etc

the requirements for materials are gradually increasing. In the traditional sense, the definition of self-adhesive label materials is often only able to be pasted. With the continuous improvement and development of the market, this definition has changed. The current market requirements for materials are gradually increasing, mainly in two aspects

first, the end market has more and more new ideas and higher requirements for packaging, which brings new requirements for self-adhesive label materials that are verifying the performance improvement of the new generation of liquid phosphite antioxidants in the whole value chain. For example, some customers need materials that can be pasted repeatedly, some customers need materials that can withstand a certain high temperature, some customers need materials that can withstand a very low temperature, some customers need materials that can't be wiped off even with acetone after printing, some customers need materials that are super transparent and very thin, and others need to constantly update label substrates such as shape and material according to market needs, The self-adhesive materials that meet its application are also constantly changing according to needs

second, the self-adhesive material manufacturers themselves are also constantly strengthening and improving their production equipment and processes. The scientific control of each link and the management of details make the product quality higher and higher, and the performance of these two aspects is actually a mutual promotion

development trend

according to the latest report of Freedonia group research company, it is estimated that by 2008, the world's demand for pressure sensitive self-adhesive labels (PSA) will increase by 5. 5% a year The total area will exceed 27billion square meters and the total value will exceed 22billion US dollars

the United States is expected to remain the largest market for label products. The demand for label products in this country accounts for 1/5 of the world's total, and its demand has a downward trend compared with the past, mainly because the corrugated transportation and masking tape production technology in the basic supply chain is becoming more and more mature

the report also shows that with the healthy and rapid development of China's economy and the formation and improvement of world economic integration, China is likely to replace the United States as the largest market for PSA label products in the next 20 years

especially in recent years, China's GDP growth rate has been maintained at more than 8%. Major related industries such as food, daily chemicals, medicine, logistics, electrical appliances and other industries are booming and still maintain a good development momentum. Therefore, the continuous growth of demand for self-adhesive materials is an inevitable trend

it is predicted that the annual growth rate of the domestic self-adhesive label market is about 30%

source: China Packaging News

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