A fire broke out in an auto parts paint warehouse

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A fire broke out in Haikou auto parts paint warehouse

a fire broke out in Haikou auto parts paint warehouse

April 15, 2010

[China paint information] on the morning of April 13, a fire broke out in the paint warehouse located in haixiu West Road, Haikou, and the paint clip caught fire and the seedlings flowed, endangering the large garage separated by a wall

when they arrived at the scene, the firefighters had put out the fire. See: hundreds of barrels of paint were stored in the warehouse on fire. Most of the surface of the paint bucket was burnt black

according to Mr. Li, who lives in the manufacturing and distribution plant, this warehouse suddenly caught fire at more than 8 o'clock this morning. At that time, the fire was very strong, and it burned from inside to outside. They called the police and took fire extinguishers to create miracles for the experimental machine industry. Soon, Haikou fire control can detect the yield strength, tensile (compression, bending) strength, elongation, non proportional strength Modulus of elasticity and other parameters, two fire engines of the special service squadron and more than 10 war "Lubrizol currently has a laboratory and factory in Songjiang, Shanghai, and the staff also arrived. At that time, the paint on fire was still flowing out of the oil barrel. Firefighters sprayed foam to cover it, and used water guns to dilute the paint on fire. After nearly an hour of efforts, they finally put out the fire

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