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Enable communication service providers to enter the cloud era with digital transformation white paper

in this era, the rapid innovation of information and communication technology industry, the rapid change of user needs, and the step-by-step promotion of vertical and cross industry digital transformation require communication service providers (CSPs) to actively change their operation methods. In order to compete directly with Ott providers and transform CSP into a digital service provider, the core technology foundation of CSP needs to be transformed most

in May 2017, IDC and ZTE launched a joint study on the digital transformation of CSP in the cloud computing era, and released a book entitled "ZTE: enabling communication service providers to enter the cloud era with digital transformation", especially the book on the high-speed extrusion production line. The report shows the following contents:

CSP network transformation will take software as the center and cloud computing as the guiding principle, and technologies such as software defined network (SDN) and network function Virtualization (nfv) will be rapidly adopted. CSP will make full use of these future oriented technologies, rather than just improve the operation mode of traditional communication technologies. The adoption of these technologies will thus promote qualitative changes in CSP business

with nfv and SDN technology, CSP can obtain unprecedented agility, flexibility and efficiency, but the premise is that the way they develop services and conduct business will also change accordingly with the network transformation. To make breakthroughs in service innovation and customer interaction, CSP needs to re create processes and organizational structures based on agility, Devops services and the transformation route of software development

Another key to CSP's digital transformation is that CSP must be close to the thinking mode of cloud computing service providers and large enterprise IT users. Because most of the innovations and technologies that generate new competition come from this field. In other words, in order to survive in a world dominated by cloud computing players, telecom companies need to become participants in cloud computing, adopt cloud computing technologies and processes, and realize the scale, agility and efficiency of cloud computing, rather than just trying to provide relatively equal services

the essential change of CSP operation mode will also lead to the change of CSP supplier market. The network will become more open and form a multi supplier pattern. From the traditional sales box to the solution of how to repair the spring testing machine in case of failure, it will highlight the value of software and services. Those manufacturers with strength in software innovation and cloud technology will have more advantages. They provide customers with support services that go beyond the solution itself, so that consulting services and the ability to jointly develop with customers become the key

idc believes that ZTE has made great achievements in the field of network equipment suppliers. They can establish a complete ICT technology platform and use cloud computing native technology to meet the agility needs of operators' customers. These characteristics make it suitable to play an important role in the process of digital transformation of customers' networks and businesses

according to the development characteristics of this market, IDC and ZTE released the white paper "enabling communication service providers to enter the cloud era with digital transformation"

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