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Enabling terminal, win-win market, MAGGIS MTR new mode "circle powder" countless

enabling terminal, win-win market, MAGGIS MTR new mode "circle powder" equipment lifetime warranty countless

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as the leader of China's high-end tire brand, the success of MAGGIS tire not only lies in its excellent product quality leadership, but also inseparable from MAGGIS tire's intention to cultivate the market Care for partners and customers. At the beginning of 2021, Magnus' new business model Honeywell has invested nearly $350million in MTR online so far. Relying on this new business model, MAGGIS tire realizes the full range of product layout + high-speed distribution capacity from the manufacturing end through high-quality agent service providers. 1. First, we should consider the need to test the range of material tension, and distribute tire products directly to retailers, so as to meet the marketing needs of offline store customers and realize the integrated innovation of brand manufacturers connecting terminal stores. As a milestone in the exploration of MAGGIS' business model, MAGGIS tire attaches great importance to the promotion and use of the new MTR model

according to China tire business, from May 25 to 27, 2021, Li Jinchang, general manager of Zhengxin rubber (China) Co., Ltd., visited Xi'an, Zhengzhou and Wuhan, visited local dealers and store owners, and learned about the promotion progress and use of MAGGIS MTR new model in terminals. Among them, Henan Province is a new pilot area for the new model of MAGGIS MTR, which has considerable market potential. During the visit, President Li had in-depth communication with dealers and store owners to help dealers quickly learn and integrate into MTR mode. President Li said that he hoped to help dealers and terminal stores achieve efficient operation and management through the new MTR model, better develop and expand channels, make terminal business more prosperous and maximize store profits

Li Jinchang, general manager of Zhengxin rubber (China) Co., Ltd., inspected in Henan in May

in the past, the tire channel model was that manufacturers, dealers and stores worked independently, with asymmetric information, unable to follow up market demand in time, and low efficiency. It was even more difficult to innovate. In view of these pain points, the new model of MAGGIS MTR has broken through the communication barriers, connected tire manufacturers with retailers and stores, and opened a beacon for the chaotic tire channels

it is beneficial to cooperate with the operation of high-voltage cathode and extend the cycle life of battery. Since the MTR mode was launched in early 2021, MAGGIS has held development and promotion meetings in more than 10 provinces and cities across the country, including Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Hubei, Henan, Shandong, Hunan, Guangdong, Shanghai, etc. The convenient and efficient business experience has made the new MTR model unanimously welcomed and praised by partners and stores, and nearly 5000 signed stores have been added so far

MAGGIS promotes the new MTR model in many places across the country.

with the increasingly fierce competition in the tire market, tire enterprises and stores should not only have the hard power of excellent products, but also have the soft power of service, brand, mode, channel and so on. The launch of the new model of MAGGIS MTR is to help stores improve their sales and service capabilities in enabling terminal stores, which is not only conducive to the development of stores, but also conducive to the construction of channels. It really creates value and improves benefits for dealers and tire stores

new mode, win the future. I believe that under the new MTR mode of operation, combined with the perfect sales, customer service and logistics system of MAGGIS tire, it will bring more professional and convenient services to dealers and store owners! We also expect that more dealers and stores will join the new MTR model as soon as possible, so as to gather strong momentum for MAGGIS tire to outperform the new 2021 track

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