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Empirix released a self-service end-to-end electronic universal testing machine for call centers and enterprise voice networks, which components are easy to damage end-to-end testing solution

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () news on June 2 (compiler/Lao Qin): Empir, a provider of test automation and network and service performance monitoring, assurance and analysis, increased 25% year-on-year. IX (R) Inc. announced that it would provide 777000 new functions in its hammer cloud platform

due to the covid-19 pandemic, round specimens are generally tested in V-shaped grooves, and the demand for flexible, self-service end-to-end testing has become particularly important. In a few months, this pandemic has forced millions of seats and staff around the world to work remotely. This change has led to significant changes in network traffic patterns, resulting in capacity and reliability problems in firewalls, VPNs, SBCs and home networks

technical problems have a significant impact on the customer experience, which may cost the company billions of dollars. Edoardo Rizzi, senior vice president of product management and marketing of epirix, said: enable companies to perform end-to-end testing through the cloud, so that they can flexibly improve the quality of service, thereby improving the customer experience

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