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Encyclopedia Machinery Co., Ltd. appeared in CIM2010 with "efficient two-color and two material injection machine". This time, encyclopedia Machinery Co., Ltd. exhibited a two-color and two material injection molding machine. The "co plastic" injection molding method can save up to 50% of the production time compared with the traditional molding method, greatly reduce the manual operation and product scrap rate, and the product quality is stable and the selling point is higher

the two-color and two material models launched by encyclopedia have flexible and diverse options, which are divided into lmt-2c series with right angle 90 degree injection design and mt-2c series with parallel injection. Their main features are:

· the self-developed man-machine interface operation system is adopted, which has good man-machine interaction performance

· the hydraulic system is a large flow and high response semi closed Bosch proportional valve, which realizes a precision semi closed hydraulic circuit, and makes the action control of the whole machine have high response, Features of high repetition accuracy and low energy consumption

· the modular design of the whole machine and the independent double injection system maximize the stress on the surface of the steel wire produced by injection; With the change of spring deformation, the product is more extensive, and it is easier to control two sets of injection systems independently. The optimized injection molding process can be flexibly set according to the characteristics of the product

· high precision, high strength, high rigidity rotary table with servo electric drive, so that the double station bidirectional rotation of 1 or △ e ≤ 1.780 degrees can be achieved accurately, stably, smoothly, with additional positioning and guiding system, So you don't need to consider the safety of the mold

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