A fault of the main motor of the lighter

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A fault of the main motor of the machine

once, a four-color four is the operator who opens the Heidelberg offset printing machine. 5. Open the oil return valve to unload the image: when starting the official printing, the main motor of the offset printing machine has greater vibration than the original. As a mechanic, I went for an inspection. Based on the feeling of observation and touch at the scene, I also felt that the vibration of the motor was stronger than the original. Listen carefully to the bearing sound during the operation of the motor, and there was no abnormality. The load current of the motor was slightly larger than the normal condition =, the balance of its three-phase current was within the normal range, and no fault was found in the relevant electrical circuits and inspections. Then restart the machine and monitor it. After a shift of operation, no other faults occurred. After shutdown, the motor didn't vibrate any more when it was started up and operated at work the next day

but two days later, when there was a shift production, the abnormal vibration of the main motor appeared again. In order to find out the reasons, I carefully observed every link of the cleaning of ink roller and water roller after printing and the cleaning of machine table from start-up to stop printing this time, and found a problem: individual operators of this shift did not strictly control the technical operation requirements in the cleaning process of water roller and ink roller, especially the cleaning of water roller was not clean, so it was hasty. Obviously, the problems left behind like this will have a negative impact on the operation of the motor, because the ink on the roller surface is not cleaned cleanly, and the residual ink on the roller surface is dry and solid. In 14, the displacement resolution: 0.001mm, the human friction caused by the contact operation between the rollers during the next shift of production increases, while the ink used in the printing of the aluminized paper trademark is sticky, and the impact is particularly obvious in the printing process. Because of the increase of friction, the load of the motor increases correspondingly. The increase of load is manifested in the motor. In addition to the increase of three-phase load current of the motor, the increase of vibration is also common

some of the main motors in use this time operate normally, and some have relatively large vibration. It is precisely because some shift operators can carefully implement the process discipline in the cleaning and maintenance of water rollers and ink rollers after shift, and the cleaned rollers meet the quality requirements. Therefore, the phenomenon of large vibration of the main motor does not appear in the production of the next day. On the contrary, there will be a bad situation of large motor vibration. In view of the problems and judgments found, the workshop has carried out process discipline education for operators compared with traditional equipment to ensure the standardization of the use, cleaning and maintenance of water rollers and ink rollers. The vibration problem of the main motor affected by the bad problems in the cleaning and maintenance of the water roller and ink roller will no longer occur. This is a special case that I encountered in the practice of repairing offset press and storing relevant information)

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