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Since 2018, Cohen appliances, a professional manufacturer of kitchen appliances, has followed the pace of the market and created a new marketing model of "Torch Plan" and K6 single store performance doubling system in the industry. So far, two business education activities have been successfully implemented. Nearly 1000 kitchen appliance dealers have learned through the two-day and one night closed customized K6 course of Cohen appliances business school, systematic training, standardized implementation, and professional building, Master the practical strategy closest to marketing, and effectively enhance the service level in the later practical operation process. Actively tap the strength of the team, improve the management training ability, and make a qualitative leap in store sales

from July 7 to 9, the third phase of strong business special training camp of K6 single store performance doubling system of "Torch Plan" of Cohen Electric will be grandly held in the headquarters of Cohen electric, which will be a knowledge feast combining centralized analysis and specific practice, another proof of Cohen Electric's development strategy and marketing upgrading, and a strategic event for regional exchange and improvement and manufacturers to work together! This time, K6 single store performance doubling system has attracted a large number of famous teachers and businessmen. At the same time, Wang Jiahai, President of Cohen education business school, gave his own words to the participating dealers, including K6 single store multiplication system, K1 store building system, K2 shopping guide training system, K3 channel customer expansion system, K4 team building system, K5 promotion profit system, K6 service multiplication system and other military methods. At that time, welcome the national Cohen dealer team to gather in Cohen and share this large wealth feast

at that time, we will also organize a dealer team to visit Cohen's factory, visit Cohen's top customized flexible production system, Seiko manufacturing center, national technology center, kitchen culture and technology experience hall and full intelligent logistics management system in the industry, and have a close experience of the production technology and strict quality control procedures of Cohen's full range of kitchen electrical products, And deeply understand Cohen's strong corporate culture and strong development strength. As the advocate of a full range of kitchen appliances, Cohen appliance insists on mastering its own core patented technology, and through continuous system innovation, technological innovation, product innovation, service innovation, improve the scientific and technological connotation and service quality of products,

the grand holding of the K6 single store performance doubling system business strengthening training activity of the "Torch Plan" of Cohen appliance, It proves that Cohen is the first to plan for the future by laying out terminals, improving terminals and improving terminals. It is believed that this measure will further enhance the attention of the industry and consumers to Cohen's brand. At the same time, it has more decisive significance for Cohen's future brand development




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