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When it comes to the decoration style of small houses, probably the first idea in most people's minds is modern simplicity. Yes, it has gradually become the modern mainstream style in modern urban life, which makes many owners hope to create a comfortable and natural living space. Recently, Ms. Chen of liantou Longwan left a message through the decoration bidding, and wanted to recommend another modern simple model room to herself for reference. For this reason, the editor specially collected many excellent cases. One of the following is more in line with Ms. Chen's new house type. Hurry to have a look

[liantou Longwan 83 flat two bedroom apartment type map]

[liantou Longwan 83 flat two bedroom modern simple decoration design description]

the owner is busy with work on weekdays and often shuttles between various complicated social entertainment, so he hopes that his life outside work is simple enough, so he finally chose a fashionable modern simple style. Simplicity is not equal to simplicity. Sometimes simple design can better test the level of designers

[liantou Longwan 83 flat two bedroom modern simple decoration model room exhibition]

simple living room:

the wood grain background, coupled with the gray in the single tone, depicts the simple space with its own charm. Although it is only a small house of 83 square meters, the design of the living room really enlarges the whole space. The simple furnishings and the colors of the combination of cold and warm make people feel very comfortable

simple porch:

as the transitional stage of the family, in the middle of the dining room and the living room, jazz white marble is used to distinguish the two spaces. The matched porch cabinet makes the space feel stretched upward, which is very three-dimensional. There is an oil painting and a pot of plants on the porch cabinet, which also reflects the owner's life taste





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