Yipai aluminum alloy ecological door makes a home

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Yipai aluminum alloy eco door provides you with rich choices of home decoration eco door

when the space pours bright light

simple and bright decoration visual effect

the quality of life will be improved to a higher level

as an element of space division in the home,

what kind of aesthetic feeling will a well decorated door bring to people

the color matching of high cold gray is clear-cut

harmonious with the indoor matching

at a glance, you can see the owner's pursuit of beauty

yearning for life

the style of cold color system

the most easily reflects the fashion of home decoration style

white walls

press a door with clean color

make people feel that everything in the home is so easy

simple and atmospheric door.In fact, it always shines in front of people

I People are eager for sunshine and brightness

as long as they are installed properly

doors are not only a tool for space division

they can also expand the sense of indoor space

instead of facing a thick wall

dark gray thin frame sliding doors look beautiful on the whole

large area of glass expands the field of vision

intimate contact with nature

make people feel comfortable at home

indoor doors

are eye-catching.Easily overlooked Existence

is also a very important partner

it protects the family from wind, rain, theft and security

please don't make do with it

it can not only determine the temperament of the whole house

reflect the owner's life taste

it can also bring comfortable and healthy life experience to the family

Yipai aluminum alloy ecological door

provide you with rich choices of home decoration ecological doors

outside is the world, Home is in the door -- this is the lifestyle you want

Foshan Yipai door industry Co., Ltd. specializes in R & D and production of various types of ecological doors. Its products mainly include: various large-scale engineering doors, such as hospital ward doors, school classroom doors, office partition doors, hotel doors, hardbound apartment doors, government single office doors, home decoration ecological doors, such as Korean ecological doors, German ecological doors, paint free composite doors, etc, Foshan Yipai door industry Co., Ltd. covers an area of more than 10000 square meters and has advanced production equipment in the industry, with an annual output of about 100000 sets

Yipai health, environmental protection, ecological simplicity, creating a better life

a better life starts from Yipai ecological gate. Are you ready

joining conditions

1. Recognize the brand operation concept of Yipai, have great entrepreneurial enthusiasm

2. Have the financial strength matching the target city

3. Have a deep understanding of the construction and home decoration industry

4. Have good terminal sales ability and engineering project development ability

5. Understand computer application and related network marketing common sense

6. Agree with the business philosophy of Yipai company, Be able to comply with the company's market policies

7, have a good reputation and image

8, have 70 square meters of stores or undertake engineering industry contacts

franchise process

1, contact and understand: telephone consultation or visit our company on the spot

2. Alliance Negotiation: make detailed exchanges with the person in charge of the company on specific matters of cooperation and determine the intention of joining

3. Recognition and evaluation: the company reviews the information of intended franchisees and makes on-site visits to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of franchise qualifications

4. Investment analysis: jointly investigate the local and surrounding markets in the business area and implement the business site

5. Signing of franchise: a formal franchise cooperation agreement will be signed after the company's review of the intended franchisees

6. Determine the plan: select the model, the factory implements production, delivery and installation, business support, and long-term development

Yipai ecological door always adheres to the design concept of ecology and home furnishing.

door is an essential element of home decoration.

the production and design of ecological door is, on the one hand,

to reflect the harmonious coexistence between man and nature,

on the other hand, to create a green and healthy home environment for people to live closer to nature





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