Paiya doors and windows deduce the minimalist life

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Paiya doors and windows - light luxury series, eliminate the complexity, and the perfect integration of lines and surfaces, highlights the characteristics of simplicity and extraordinary, extravagance and concealment, and appears incisively and vividly

light luxury

refers to a life concept that advocates "light luxury, new fashion". It is a lifestyle that respects the quality of life more.

has nothing to do with wealth and status.

it represents the pursuit of high-quality life details

if you integrate this delicacy into life,

is the best expression of light luxury

simple, comfortable and unique light luxury style. Just like the natural beauty of plain face, plain heart and natural beauty, it is pleasant and pleasant. The appearance is simplified, and the fake decorations are removed. It is generous and elegant, and the appearance is natural. Its inner essence is to return to nature, repair unmoved, clear and stable, calm and comfortable

simplicity without losing its brilliance, luxury without showing its astringency, which is the life that modern people now pursue; It is not only a style, a fashion, but also a spiritual guide and lifestyle

it is neither influenced by "secular" nor coerced by "trend", so that it can withstand the test of time and become an important culture composed of light luxury

we should not only keep up with the trend of the times,

but also create a quality living environment

Paiya doors and windows - light luxury series,

eliminate the complexity, and the perfect integration of line and surface,

highlight the characteristics of simplicity and extraordinary, luxury and undisguised, and create a beautiful artistic conception of flexibility, beauty, nobility and elegance

the whole is mainly framed, transforming complexity into simplicity. The elegant and steady American Red Oak frame is perfectly integrated with white glass, enriching the sense of hierarchy and three-dimensional sense. Under the seemingly simple and simple appearance, it exudes a modern fashion noble atmosphere. The simple soft clothes set off the light luxury taste and shape the taste of modern simplicity and fashion

the elegant and gentle North American walnut color, combined with exquisite lines and embellishments, creates an atmospheric and textured space as a whole, shows a simple and flexible shape, gives people a unique visual impact, does not feel impetuous at all, creates a delicate and fashionable livable life experience, and brings endless comfortable touch to their families


luxury, simple and extraordinary

light luxury new product series,

adopts linear segmentation technology,

the frame is combined by gold-plated decorative lines through embedded,

forms a visual impact of line and surface integration,

paya doors and windows perfectly present unique processes and modern art


extravagant but not exposed, smart and beautiful

pursue the simplification of complexity,

perfect integration of line and surface,

create a fashionable, elegant, noble and light luxury space

easily experience fashion and refinement in light luxury,

enjoy high-quality life details


fluorocarbon spraying process

three-layer spraying using fluorocarbon spraying process,

secondary curing,

metallic luster,

bright color,

uniform and textured coating,

every touch is silky tenderness


excellent sound insulation and heat insulation effect

hollow tempered glass is used,

inert gas is flushed inside,

EPDM sealant strip is used for edge sealing,

not only excellent sound insulation effect, but also heat insulation,

energy consumption reduction and environmental protection


solid copper strip track

solid copper strip embedded in the track,

groove embedded design,

sliding is not only smooth and quiet,

beautiful and durable


original imported hardware lock

adopts the original imported German hobo hardware system,

stainless steel gold-plated smart shape,

moving handle, beautiful and comfortable,

gives people a unique sense of design


anti lifting pulley

adopts the original imported American hoope pulley,

the pulley has passed the 100000 + push-pull test,

does not swing and derail


multi color options

you can choose to meet different styles of home,

easily integrate into modern home decoration collocation

Paiya doors and windows - light luxury series,

exquisite but not complicated,

simple but not simple,

pay attention to quality and taste of life,

create a fashionable and luxurious beauty

paya doors and windows,

the leader of aluminum doors and windows industry,

for 29 years, create brilliance with heart

create extraordinary products with "ingenuity spirit"

carefully create a series of high-end quality doors and windows,

to bring consumers the enjoyment of modern light luxury life




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