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Mediterranean decoration style is a product of the rise of decoration. The rise of decoration promotes the origin of Mediterranean decoration style

romantic and leisurely Mediterranean style design has attracted much attention in the industry. There are many countries around the Mediterranean with different folk customs, but the unique climate characteristics still make the Mediterranean style of various countries show some consistent characteristics

buildings in the Mediterranean are like those grown from the earth and hillsides, and both materials and colors have reached a certain common understanding with nature. The interior design is based on the relaxed and comfortable life experience by the sea, with few flashy and rigid decorations. The living space makes people feel leisurely and complacent everywhere

of course, design elements cannot be simply pieced together, but must have a style soul running through them. The soul of Mediterranean style, a more consistent view is "the romantic feelings of azure, the pure beauty and nature of the sea and sky, and the sunny sky"

Mediterranean style home characteristics

1. Apply marine elements to home design, giving people a natural and romantic feeling. In modeling, arch and semi arch are widely used, giving people an extended sense of perspective

2. In the selection of furniture, the natural and fresh living atmosphere is displayed through the treatment of painting and aging, with shells, pebbles, etc

3. In terms of color, blue, white and yellow are the main colors, which looks bright and pleasing to the eye

4. In terms of materials, natural logs and natural stones are generally used to create a romantic nature

similarly, Mediterranean style furniture generally chooses soft colors that are close to nature in color selection, pays attention to spatial collocation in combination design, makes full use of every inch of space, and does not appear cramped, does not lose atmosphere, and liberates open free space; It integrates decoration and application, avoids triviality in the combination of cabinet doors, and looks generous and natural. Its unique Roman column like decorative lines are simple and lively, revealing ancient civilization

Mediterranean style is a typical representative of ocean like decoration, which is named for its rich Mediterranean cultural customs and regional characteristics. Mediterranean style decoration is one of the most humanistic and artistic decoration styles

it reflects the transparency of space through continuous arches and horseshoe windows in space design, reflects openness with trestle like terraces and open room functional zoning, and expresses the free spirit connotation of Mediterranean decoration style through a series of open and transparent architectural decoration languages; At the same time, it reflects the life interest of yearning for nature, being close to nature and feeling nature through the natural material scheme, and then reflects the natural ideological connotation of Mediterranean style

Mediterranean style decoration also expresses its romantic feelings through the color matching scheme with the blue of the sea as the base color, the ingenious use of natural light, lines full of streamline and dreamy colors and other soft decoration characteristics; Mediterranean style decoration adopts loose and comfortable furniture in furniture design to reflect the leisure experience of Mediterranean style decoration. Therefore, freedom, nature, romance and leisure are the essence of Mediterranean style decoration

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