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Although the income, value orientation and aesthetic taste of each decorated family are different, when it comes to family decoration, we all hope to have a budget as good as possible and as cheap as possible. Generally speaking, the following aspects should be considered in the budget of home decoration

first, calculate the design account

if the home decoration is mainly economical and practical, you can generally design it yourself, and at most ask others to draw a picture; However, if you want to pay attention to the full and rational use of space and pursue the personalization and artistic taste of home decoration, it is best to invite decoration designers to do home decoration design. The cost of home decoration design generally accounts for 5% - 20% of the total cost of decoration. This money should be taken into account in the home decoration budget before decoration. When the designer gives the design sketch to the home decoration owner, in addition to caring about the overall home decoration effect and comfort, he must ask for specific decoration details: such as whether it is firm and durable, so as to prevent potential hidden dangers

second, calculate the material account

at present, there are many decoration material stores and supermarkets. As long as you visit a few more stores, you can inquire about the real price in the market and know it well. Then, let the decoration company list a detailed quotation of materials, and let it estimate the consumption, so as to prevent some decoration companies from cutting corners. Only by knowing ourselves and the enemy can we better negotiate with the decoration company and work out a reasonable budget for the materials required for the whole decoration

III. calculate the time account

there are many things to do before the real commencement of home decoration. Enough time must be reserved before decoration, such as home decoration design scheme, decoration material procurement, inquiry and home decoration budget. The more fully prepared in the early stage, the faster the construction speed can be during the formal decoration, and the lower the actual cost. For home decoration with materials prepared by yourself, the order of purchasing and preparing materials should be arranged slightly ahead of the decoration process to prevent the construction period from being missed

IV. calculate the equity account

the decoration fee is the most flexible part of the decoration contract. When signing the contract with the decoration company, you must calculate the equity account. The decoration fee paid to the decoration company shall be determined according to the difficulty of decoration, labor level, past performance and other specific conditions

signing the decoration contract is also a legal evidence to ensure whether the decoration budget can be used reasonably and whether it will overspend too much. The contract shall include the decoration materials used, the designated brand and the price agreed by both parties. And we must set down detailed terms and conditions for home decoration time, decoration progress and payment method. The warranty period must also be indicated in the home decoration contract, because generally, it is difficult to find quality problems during decoration acceptance, and the problems will not be exposed until a period of time





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