The most popular packaging method misleads consume

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Packaging deception misleads consumers

famous wines have been surrounded by the huge "Moutai" words on the famous brand box. The outer packaging is beautifully printed, but the price can be asked. The 500 millisecond operation. In addition, the water drainage and exhaust device can only sell for 10 yuan per bottle. After careful study, we found that there was an inconspicuous word "town" under Maotai, and the site was not Guizhou Maotai distillery, but various small distilleries that had never been heard of in Maotai Town, Renhuai City, Guizhou. Yesterday, I saw in Fengqing road wholesale market that not only Maotai liquor, but also Langjiu liquor and Luzhou Laojiao liquor were near famous brands. Next to the station on Fengqing Road, there are shops that go into the alley to wholesale wine one by one. We have seen this kind of liquor from Maotai Town in more than ten stores. Each step is the first consideration according to humanization. Some of them are ink colored gift boxes. The words "Maotai" are prominent on the box, and there is a word "Zhen" or "Chun" below the box. There are nearly 20 varieties; Some are simple single bottle packaging, printed with the words "state banquet wine" and other words. Even the trademarks are very similar, and there are nearly 10 varieties. I found a shop that wholesales Maotai liquor. Here I also wholesales Maotai town liquor. The boss said, "the retail price of Maotai liquor in the gift box is 260 yuan, and it costs 400 yuan to 500 yuan in the supermarket. The liquor in the nearby Maotai town is cheaper, 80 yuan a box." In another shop, there are not only Maotai town liquor with simple packaging, but also Wulang liquor, Luzhou old liquor and other famous brands. The feature is that the color and font of the outer packaging can be almost unreal, but there is a word difference when you look carefully. According to Dr. marijn Dekkers, chairman of Bayer's management committee, the wholesale price of these 500ml bottles of wine ranges from 3 yuan to 7 yuan, and the retail price is about 10 yuan. It mainly flows to the rural market. Compared with the real famous wines, the prices of these wines are too cheap, and the plant sites and names are different. The discerning person can see the clue at a glance. Where did the wine go? Found the answer in a shop. The shop owner's wife is enthusiastically recommending these brand-name wines to a retailer, "these wines sell well in the rural market, especially in your place. These are new products this year, and the prices are also cheap." The retailer said it would send a car to install it in two days. "It looks magnificent and cheap. It should sell well." It is learned that at present, there are small distilleries near famous brands all over the country. Besides Maotai, Langjiu, Luzhou Laojiao and other famous wines, there are also ILI, Jinjiu and other brands. Various small distilleries springing up in these famous wine producing areas are popular to rely on the imitation brands of famous wines, but the quality of these wines is even more worrying. When asked about the quality of these wines, an informed boss smiled and said: "buy bulk wine with good quality" and bottle it. If it is not good to mix edible alcohol and water, how good wine can you have if you wholesale more than 3 yuan of wine? "

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