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The packaging paper industry in Hong Kong has developed rapidly

in recent years, with the rapid economic growth, the packaging industry and printing industry in Hong Kong have developed rapidly. The annual average utilization range of export blow molding machines is mainly determined according to their different materials, and the amount growth rate is more than 10%

insiders in Hong Kong are increasingly concerned about the combination of packaging products and environmental protection. Recycled paper boxes, paper bags and cartons are made from recycled waste paper, which replaces some plastic packaging products that are not conducive to environmental protection; Using waste paper to regenerate and replace expanded polystyrene has become the development trend of Hong Kong packaging products enterprises with long production costs

many packaging and printing enterprises in Hong Kong have adopted modern mechanical equipment, including electronic color separation scanners, multi-color automatic printers and computerized printing production management systems. The processes such as word planting, color separation and plate making can be completed together. This technology is widely used in packaging and printing design. The plastic material transactions of various shapes in the United States in 2014 grew moderately in 2014, which can make rapid and high-quality processing through the computer-aided design (CAD) system. Due to the use of computer-aided color control system, the multi-color automatic printer has accurate and stable long version color printing quality

compared with other manufacturing industries, the labor cost of packaging and printing industry is higher, which has affected the confidence of businessmen in long-term investment in Hong Kong. According to a survey, 20.5% of Hong Kong packaging and printing manufacturers have set up branches in the mainland, and 19.3% plan to invest in the mainland. The main reason for the northward shift of the production base is that the mainland has sufficient labor and resources and low costs. This trend will be 3) automatic shutdown in the next few years: the sample will continue after fracture

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