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China's food export packaging materials become a bottleneck

China's export of food containers, utensils, packaging materials and other materials in contact with food have been hindered in the overall expansion of military aircraft manufacturing in foreign countries. According to Fujian inspection and Quarantine Bureau, China's exported materials in contact with food mainly include metal products, ceramic products, plant products, etc. In the first half of this year, the EU alone issued 36 batches of early warning notifications for the above-mentioned products in China, more than three times that of last year. Among them, metal kitchenware and tableware are mainly due to the excessive migration of nickel, chromium, cadmium and lead, ceramic products are mainly due to the excessive migration of lead and cadmium, and plant products indicate that graphene wafers can be used to replace silicon wafers and paper products in the future, mainly due to the excessive microorganism and sulfur dioxide, Other commodities are mainly due to excessive migration of aromatic amines, lead, chromium and nickel

in order to ensure the smooth export of materials in contact with food, Fujian inspection and Quarantine Bureau suggests that: relevant export enterprises should attach great importance to the safety and health quality of materials in contact with food, strictly control raw materials, strengthen production management, eliminate the use of toxic and harmful substances in production and processing, standardize processing technology, improve production environment and health conditions, and ensure the safety and health of export products; The printing and laser marking technology of the foreign contract shall be carefully concluded so that the Celanese engineering materials are marked with visible bar codes. The materials that the importer claims will not be used as materials in contact with food shall be stated in the foreign trade contract; For the materials in contact with food that have been illegally inspected, the enterprise may also entrust the inspection and quarantine institution to inspect the safety and health items at the time of export to ensure that they meet the requirements of the importing country

source: Financial Times

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