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Hubei: the packaging of agricultural products will be included in the scope of inspection and quarantine. The quality and Safety Summit Forum of export agricultural products of Hubei Province was held. Relevant people from Hubei entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau said that -

Red duck eggs and problematic turbot... Agricultural products have exposed many quality and safety problems, and also affected the export volume of agricultural products of Hubei Province. In this regard, the Hubei "Eleventh Five Year" export agricultural product quality and Safety Summit Forum was held in Wuchang yesterday, and more than 10 experts from all over the country "consulted" the quality of agricultural products in our province. Experts generally believe that the technical trade measures adopted by various countries will become the main trade barrier for the export of agricultural products in the coming period of time

technical measures will become the leading factor of trade barriers

"when exporting agricultural products, we must know the technical measures of the exporting country for the inspection of agricultural products, so as to avoid unnecessary trade losses." Yesterday, guolisheng, deputy director of China wto/tbt-sps Consulting Center of AQSIQ, who participated in the summit forum, said that technical measures have become the most important trade barrier at present

guolisheng introduced that in recent years, affected by the technical measures taken by various countries, among the eight categories of commodities exported by China, the losses caused by technical measures for agricultural products and food account for about 42%

Qianyongzhong, director of the Institute of quality and safety standards for agricultural products of the Ministry of agriculture, believes that enterprises should not only care about the market of exporting countries, but also understand the technical specifications for quality testing of agricultural products in various countries, so as to enhance the competitiveness of exported agricultural products. "Technical trade measures with the theme of safety and health of agricultural products will become the dominant trade barrier in the future."

Yesterday, Li Xiande, a researcher at the Institute of agricultural economics, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, introduced the safety and health status of China's agricultural products and its impact on agricultural trade. From the perspective of China's total export of agricultural products in recent years, the United States, the European Union, Japan and South Korea have become the main exporters of China's agricultural products, of which Japan accounts for 29.2% of the total export of agricultural products, The maximum volume for all export destinations

in this regard, in May last year, Japan carried out a stricter system of "affirming that the sub station has built a list with an area of about 10000 square meters" for imported agricultural products, which has greatly affected the export volume of China's agricultural products. Affected by the "green barriers" of various countries, it directly caused a loss of about 9billion US dollars

Huxiaozhong, director of the technical center of Hubei entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, revealed that in order to deal with various foreign technical trade measures, in addition to the 17 types of varieties that need routine inspection in previous years, the technical center will also include the planting soil, feed and packaging of agricultural products into the scope of inspection and quarantine this year

it is understood that despite the severe situation, the trade volume of agricultural products exported by our province increased instead of decreased. The total export volume of agricultural products increased from 310million US dollars in 2005 to 406.7 million US dollars in 2006, with a year-on-year increase of 30.8%, the best increase over the years. Among the three pillar industries, edible fungus is USD 91.524 million; Aquatic products: USD 70.495 million; Canned honey and fruit amounted to US $49.512 million, and the three categories of products accounted for 52% of the total exports

most experts said that Hubei Province should increase the export of other agricultural products except edible fungi, aquatic products, honey and fruits under the condition of ensuring the quality and safety of exported agricultural products

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