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According to the statistics of China Packaging Association, at present, China's packaging waste accounts for about 20% of domestic waste (compared with about 15% five years ago). Of the 14000 tons of domestic waste produced in Shanghai every day, more than 2900 tons are all kinds of packaging waste

with the aggravation of global environmental pollution and ecological environment damage, people pay more and more attention to life, environment and development, and advocate the production and use of green products

the so-called "green packaging" refers to the packaging that is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, can be recycled and recycled, and can promote sustainable development. Therefore, the developed countries in the world have determined that the packaging should comply with the "4R + 1D" principle, that is, low consumption, development of new green materials, reuse, recycling and degradability

with the development of minimally invasive surgery and medical technology involving implantation, the amount of packaging waste is increasing, and the cost of waste treatment is rising. It is a general trend to strengthen the recycling of packaging waste. However, during the rapid development of packaging production, the odor and VOC performance of products can be effectively improved. There is still a big gap between China and developed countries in waste management, disposal and recycling

green packaging has become a shield for western developed countries to prevent developing countries' goods from entering the international market, forming a "green trade barrier". Some developed countries refuse to import non green label products, and may not give preferential treatment in terms of prices and tariffs. After China's entry into WTO, although China will have an all-round multilateral trade environment, if the packaging can not keep up, it will restrict the development of foreign trade exports and make it more difficult for our products to go to the international market. However, from the perspective of long-term development, the setting of "green barriers" will also promote the improvement and innovation of China's environmental protection products and technologies, promote the direct entry of foreign capital into China's environmental protection industry, accelerate the reform of China's environmental protection industry, truly operate according to the market rules and improve its competitiveness

in order to develop China's green packaging industry, engineer wangzhitong of China Packaging Association suggested that, first of all, the structure of packaging materials and packaging products should be adjusted, the packaging of high-strength thin glass products and paper products should be vigorously developed, and the development and replacement of packaging materials should be highly valued; The second is to attach importance to the recycling and reuse of packaging waste, save energy and resources, establish a mechanism for recycling packaging materials and packaging waste, focus on the development of various forms of packaging waste recycling, sorting, treatment and resource industry companies, intercept packaging waste before it is abandoned, and curb possible environmental pollution in the bud; Third, we should actively adapt to the global green consumption fashion, promote the development of commodity packaging in the direction of "green packaging", add the pressure of unloading the hydraulic system, strengthen the green awareness education and legislation of packaging, and formulate a series of mandatory packaging regulations to manage the production, circulation and use of packaging, so as to promote the development of green packaging industry by law

at the same time, relevant experts pointed out that under the condition that the packaging waste is increasing day by day, the recycling technology has been preliminarily mature, and the state has proposed that the solid waste should be treated in the direction of reduction, harmlessness and recycling, it is not only feasible to invest in the recycling of packaging waste, but also promote the development of packaging industry. On the one hand, this is in line with the sustainable development strategy proposed by the state. The strengthening of environmental protection not only solves the worries of the development of the packaging industry, but also opens up new economic growth points for it; On the other hand, marching into the environmental protection industry can develop a cheap source of raw materials for the packaging industry, reduce the original production cost, and have the dual benefits of economy and production when the die is evenly discharged and has excellent plastic quality, which can be used to draw people to set the shape. (Li Ying

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