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Industrial app, open the blue ocean of industrial interconnection

recently, at the Changsha station of the 2020 industrial interconnection app innovation and development national tour, Yang Yuyan, deputy director of the information technology development department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that accelerating the cultivation of industrial apps and giving full play to the role of software in enabling, supporting and replicating the entire industrial field is of great significance to enhance the value of industrial interconnection industry

in 2017, the number of industrial apps that just passed the embryonic stage reached 300000 in China this year. It is expected to reach one million by 2025. In 2030, the development and application process of industrial apps will be subverted by AI technology, and industrial apps are everywhere in the industry. According to the research of many institutions, assuming that the development of industrial interconnection is similar to that in the spring tide of interconnection, industrial interconnection will bring us $15trillion of GDP to the world by 2030. This is undoubtedly an exciting blue ocean

industrial app, the golden key to the era of industrial interconnection

the innovative charm of digital combination, like the prom of high school students, is filled with sparks that can be matched at any time

talking about the origination of industrial app, Qiao Lu, an engineer of China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, talked about such a myth: the investment of 10000 US dollars actually saves 50000 US dollars for enterprises every year! An industrial app from California State University students is so magical

in an innovation competition held by GE predix, an industrial interconnection giant, these college students used the energy consumption data of three different energy points (solar photovoltaic panels, thermoelectric cogeneration, etc.) of the school to obtain the best power supply through data analysis. Ge gave them a $10000 bonus

the winner team of the Ge innovative app competition (Figure source:)

the Ge team, which has been thinking about how to operate the power plant more effectively, has developed an app in cooperation with Atlanta power plant, saving the enterprise $50000 a year

in October 2017, Ge cooperated with apple to develop enterprise IOS applications and launched a new predix SDK. This opens the curtain of industrial app

in the previous decades, the world was committed to the integration of industrialization and informatization, but the managers in charge of it (Internet technology) and ot (operation technology) have always been well-off. It values the rationality of business processes, while ot values the stability of business execution

however, with the development of industrial interconnection, data flow has become unprecedentedly easy, which has stimulated people's imagination of data value, thus greatly promoting the integration of OT and it

ge pointed out in its 2018 report that the main battlefield of digital transformation happens at the junction of it and dynamic display experimental torque and change angle ot. It is losing its magic, and the baton of OT is slowly rising. Iiot platform provides a fertile hotbed for the development of industrial app applications

integration of equipment connection and it application (Figure source: white paper)

Li Yong, an engineer of CITIC Heavy Industry Mining Equipment Industrial interconnection platform, told Science and technology that the biggest feature of industrial data is massive and disordered. Only a single CNC machine tool can generate data of up to 400m per second. A simple factory, even if there are only five production lines, each production line has 10 stations and 10 devices, and the data output per second reaches 20g! And the traffic of each of us is only about 10g at most every month. The difference between the two is 5million times

with such a large amount of data, in the hundreds of years of industrial development, the managers of the production line have never seen the research on high-capacity hydrogen storage materials, proton exchange membrane fuel cells and protective materials. They are randomly discarded on the floor of the workshop and in the air around the equipment, forming a huge garbage data mountain

he said that until 2012, Ge put forward the concept of industrial interconnection, which closely connected and integrated equipment, production lines, factories, suppliers, products and customers. These discarded data instantly became treasures and gold mines

they help the manufacturing industry lengthen the industrial chain and form interconnection across equipment, systems, plants and regions, so as to improve efficiency and promote the intellectualization of the entire manufacturing service system. It is also conducive to promoting the financing development of the manufacturing industry, realizing the leapfrog development between the manufacturing industry and the service industry, and enabling the efficient sharing of various elements of the industrial economy

technological empowerment, accelerate industrial digital transformation and innovation

compared with traditional industrial software, industrial app has the characteristics of lightweight, customization, specialization, flexibility and reuse. Users can be quickly empowered by reusing industrial apps, machines can be quickly optimized by reusing industrial apps, and industrial enterprises can realize the optimal allocation of manufacturing resources by reusing industrial apps, so as to create and maintain competitive advantages

Hao Jinghong, deputy director of Henan Provincial Department of industry and information technology, introduced in an interview with science and technology that industrial app is the ultimate export to realize the value of industrial interconnection platform. Facing specific industrial application scenarios, stimulate the formation of ecology of social resources, promote the modeling, software and packaging of industrial technology, experience, knowledge and best practices, and form massive industrial apps; Users can optimize the allocation of specific resources by calling industrial apps. Based on the industrial interconnection platform, industrial apps carry out co construction, sharing and networking operations to support intelligent research and development, intelligent production and intelligent services in the manufacturing industry

the practice of many enterprises has proved that the best way to realize the digital transformation of industrial production is through the application of industrial models and industrial apps with the help of industrial interconnection platforms. Digitalization of product research and development, factory management and manufacturing are the three supports of industrial digitalization

industrial app is becoming an important means to accelerate the reform of industrial production mode and business mode. Only a few years ago, a considerable number of industrial employees in China were still engaged in repetitive, low-end, boring and even dangerous printout media temperature, pulse number and pulse pressure waveform; R & D, operation, detection and maintenance of. At present, the implementation of intelligent manufacturing has made this part of employees' work form and industrial content are undergoing a fundamental change, gradually leaving the production line and enjoying a better job and working environment. Human work will change from complex direct control of machines and production resources to easy control of machines through industrial apps, and even autonomous control of machines by industrial apps

the most surprising thing is that all this comes from those seemingly small productivity improvements. Even if the production efficiency increases by 1%, no one can resist the hidden room for improvement. Tan Jianrong, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, once used poetic language to describe the Scenario Oriented Industrial app application scenario, which is the most promising field of industrial interconnection at present. The situation of thousands of troops crossing the river is about to emerge

industrial interconnection platform architecture

the formation of a new ecosystem of industrial apps has accelerated, and a new journey of development has been started

the industrial app system is huge, involving a lot of industrial technologies. Different industries have different industrial technologies and industrial apps; Different industrial technologies and industrial apps in different product life cycles; Different enterprise management modes, quality management means and user needs, industrial apps are also different. Therefore, the industrial app system has strong personalization, many objects and complex relationships

the experts of Hanwei technology group intelligent sensor industrial interconnection platform introduced to science and technology that with the help of interconnection, it brings together the resources of application developers, software developers, service integrators, platform operators and other parties, improves user stickiness, and creates an industrial interconnection application ecosystem with rich resources, multi-party participation, cooperation and win-win, and collaborative evolution. It is to enhance the industrial value of industrial interconnection, solve the difficulties of industrial app development, and create a good development ecosystem, An important path to promote the sustainable and healthy development of industrial interconnection

first of all, technical support is needed to consolidate the foundation of industrial app development. Including the construction of industrial app standard system, accelerating the development of industrial app interface, protocol, data, quality, safety and other key standards; Build a general industrial app development environment; Promote the development and sharing of development tools; Accelerate the construction of industrial knowledge base; Establish industrial app evaluation and certification system, etc

secondly, we should lead by ecology and optimize the development environment of industrial app. Effectively integrate the resources of government, industry, University and research funds, and establish a collaborative work system of government, enterprises and alliances, as well as a consulting and evaluation service system for the development of industrial apps. Establish supporting systems for industrial app transactions, credit evaluation systems, intellectual property protection systems, and knowledge achievement recognition mechanisms to ensure the smooth operation of the app transaction ecosystem. Build an open source developer community, establish a compound talent training base, widely attract social capital to establish industrial investment funds, and use capital as a link to jointly develop and promote industrial apps

in addition, the driving force and catalyst for application are also needed. Liu Jian, Deputy Secretary General of China Industrial Technology Software Industry Alliance, said that the world's apps can only be used. There are many apps, and if no one uses them, it is a dead app. Yang Yuyan also said that industrial enterprises, platform operators, software developers and systems should be guided to adhere to the idea that the next process is the user. Integrators should build an open industrial app ecosystem with development, circulation and application as the main line

the actual changes in industry are always beyond human imagination. In an interview, Qiao Lu and other experts said that in the wave of industrial interconnection, the development speed of industrial app will exceed the development of historical industrial power, energy, automation, software and other technologies, and quickly realize fierce collision with industry, and finally go deep into the internal and external scenes of industry, which is really difficult to predict

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