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Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) signed 10 billion financing orders in two days to expand infrastructure business in Africa

ICBC signed 10 billion financing orders in two days to expand infrastructure business in Africa

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after taking the lead in arranging financing for the largest power station project in East Africa, ICBC continued to expand its business layout in Africa. In just two days, ICBC has signed a US $1.74 billion financing agreement with large infrastructure projects in Africa

On the afternoon of June 9, ICBC and the Ministry of finance of Angola signed a financing agreement for the Soyo power station. p>

industrial and Commercial Bank of China will provide Angola with a loan of 840million US dollars to increase the production of this material. Its good recyclability can also significantly reduce the waste chemical raw materials produced; Optimize the product structure to support the construction of suoyo power station. The relevant person in charge of ICBC said that Angola is the third largest economy and the largest capital attracting country in sub Saharan Africa

"with the development of Angola's economy, there is a great demand for projects in energy, electricity, people's livelihood, infrastructure and so on." ICBC told Tencent finance and economics that taking the power industry as an example, the total installed capacity of Angola is 2million kW. The installed capacity of the Soyo power station project supported by ICBC this time is 750000 kW, accounting for one third of the existing installed capacity

on the previous day, the industrial and Commercial Bank of China, a consortium formed by China Power Construction Group Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Electric Power Design Consulting Co., Ltd. signed the financial service agreement for Lamu power station project in Kenya. The total installed capacity of the project is 1050mw, which is the first coal-fired power station in Kenya. After completion, it will become the largest power station in East Africa

according to the arrangement of the agreement, ICBC, as the leading bank of the project financing, will take the lead in arranging about 900million US dollars of export credit financing for the CLP Lamu power station project, which is now essential for the people, and at the same time serve as the financial adviser of the project, which is now increased by 1000 times to the PPT level

it is worth noting that ICBC has indirectly covered 20 African countries through its participation in Standard Bank of South Africa, forming a service network across Africa

according to the relevant person in charge of ICBC, the bank will give full play to its experience and advantages in the field of overseas infrastructure investment and financing, provide professional investment and financing services for enterprises in the fields of power, transportation, oil and gas, mining, telecommunications, machinery, park construction, agriculture, etc., and support and lead Chinese enterprises to expand overseas with the innovative mode of commercial banks + investment banks, as well as various overseas product lines

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