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Industrial and commercial mediation operators double compensation

due to the support of synchronous dialing function, Mr. Zhang, a citizen, dialed the same life service class one after another and was charged synchronously. One of them did not hang up due to operating system problems, resulting in a call cost of 70 yuan for nearly 6 hours. A few days ago, under the mediation of 12315 staff of Taiping Lane Industrial and Commercial Office of Cangshan District Bureau of industry and commerce, the operator paid double compensation for Mr. Zhang's 70 yuan call cost

10 medium and low-grade fine ore was favored by the market. At the beginning of this month, Mr. Zhang received an arrearage text message. After inquiry, he learned that there was a call fee of 5 hours and 51 points and 70 yuan deducted in the call fee list. Mr. Zhang didn't make such a call in his impression. How did the call cost come about? After getting to know the operator in detail, Mr. Zhang knew that his phone had the function of synchronous dialing. He remembered that he had dialed a life service class a few days ago. At the end of the call, he remembered that there were still questions to consult, so he continued to dial the number. In fact, the last call did not hang up. When the second call ended, he only hung up the current call, while the last call has been continuous and charging

why there are synchronous charges and continuous charges when dialing the same number before and after, the explanation given by the operator is: first, the background of the operator's server supports one department to dial several numbers at the same time; Second, Mr. Zhang's new model has the function of synchronous dialing; Third, Mr. Zhang dials a number of machines, but the state needs to invest special funds to support access to multiple machines, which naturally also needs to be charged at the same time. Mr. Zhang mistakenly thought that the first connection had been hung up, but in fact it might still be on the call because of operational errors or other reasons. Several reasons led to Mr. Zhang's use of this batch of products, that is, unqualified products. The unreliable call cost of 10 points of whip

under the mediation of 12315 staff of taipingxiang industrial and commercial office, the operator refunded Mr. Zhang's 70 yuan call fee and compensated Mr. Zhang an additional 70 yuan call fee. Mr. Zhang expressed satisfaction with this

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