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On April 17, 2008, the 22nd China International Plastic and Rubber Industry Exhibition (Chinaplas 2008) was grandly held at the New International Exhibition Center in Pudong, Shanghai. The world's leading provider of plastic machinery automation solutions, baccalais (BR) industrial automation, made a wonderful appearance at this event to share its rich accumulation of technological innovation in this field with industry insiders

bekale booth


bekale engineers had a detailed discussion with the audience

in exhibition area B55 of hall W1, bekale exhibited a comprehensive plastic machinery automation solution. As an automation company that has long been engaged in the application and development of plastic machinery control solutions, baccalais has a very rich technical accumulation in this field. This time, baccarat exhibited solutions for process control such as injection molding unit, mold locking unit, thermoforming, blow molding, manipulator, wall thickness control, extrusion molding, etc. the booth center is the hypothetical platform of Baccarat's application scheme, and the platform has been in the raised position exchange center. The audience can have a detailed discussion with baccarat's engineers on the technical details they care about. The main reason why the all electric injection molding machine has become non-existent because of its high efficiency and energy saving is that it is solid, easy to use and simple. The all electric injection molding machine solutions exhibited by baccarat have also become a highlight of the booth. The world-renowned injection molding machine manufacturers, such as micron and Engle, all use baccarat solutions

this time, baccalais also exhibited comprehensively innovative automation products. For the control product line, the new generation X20 system of baccalais has a wide range of products, such as the high-performance cp3486, which adopts the Celeron 650 processor, and the typical instruction cycle is 0.01us; In addition, X20 system also includes compact CPU, distributed i/o, high-precision temperature input, tension measurement, encoder measurement, and even direct drive stepping motor module

motion control product line, the general motion control technology exhibited by baccalais, and the motion control software platform automation studio of baccalais can provide multi axis motion control, CNC, robot and hydraulic control technology, while multi axis motion control, robot technology and hydraulic control technology are widely used in the plastic machinery industry. Baccarat motion control and drive products include acopos, acoposmulti and acoposmicro. The newly launched acoposmicro is a high-performance stepping motor driver. Its addition enables baccarat to provide users with a more comprehensive motion control solution to obtain a 1-integrated industrial 4.0 production system; As for the drive target, baccalais can provide the drive control of AC servo motor, DC motor, stepping motor and hydraulic system

display product line, baccalais exhibited a variety of display products, including pp35/45/300/400. Users can choose different performance levels according to project requirements. Pp400 integrates control, display, operation, communication and other functions, and adopts AMD lx800/500 MHz processor, which can perform 200us task level (qualitative time-sharing multi task system), fully meeting the control requirements of large and medium-sized mechanical equipment. In addition, the introduction of apc810, an industrial computer with Core2 Duo processor, has also made the performance of industrial computers of baccalais reach the leading level in the industry

about industrial automation of bekale (BR):

industrial automation of bekale (BR) is a global leading manufacturer of automation, which is specialized in innovating cutting-edge automation technology. Headquartered in Austria, it has set up branches in 60 countries around the world and has 155 offices. "Perfect automation" and "your global automation partner" are the mission and pursuit of baccalais industrial automation

in August 1996, baccalais industrial automation (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. officially settled in Shanghai, China. Localized sales and exquisite technical team have brought more rapid service response to Chinese customers. For more than ten years, baccalais (China) has been focusing on providing domestic users with high-quality automation products and excellent technical solutions. Today, baccalais' products and solutions have been widely used in the field of mechanical automation, such as packaging, printing, plastics, textiles, food and beverage, machine tools, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals and other industries; And process automation fields, such as electric power, metallurgy, municipal administration, transportation, petroleum, chemical industry, cement and other industries. At present, baccalais (China) has set up offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Jinan, Xi'an, Chengdu and Shenyang, and established complete technical training centers in Shanghai and its offices, as well as joint university laboratories throughout the country

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